"The Life of Amber"



My name is "Orchidstar Live and Let Die", my friends call me Amber, and I was born at 12:50 pm on the 24th May 2017.

I was one of seven pups born to "Orchidstar Yu Can't Fool Me" (Bertha) and on the 1st August 2017, I joined the BrianMac Team.

You may ask how did I get the name of "Orchidstar Live and Let Die"? Well, "Orchidstar" is the Kennel Club name of our breeder.

On the 24th May 2017 (day I was born) Roger Moore (Bond 007) passed away and "Orchidstar" decided that the seven of us would be named after James Bond films - I was given the name of the 9th Bond film - "Live and Let Die"

The links in the menu bar above provide a pictorial overview of the antics that I have been up to over the years.