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The Good news

The website does accept advertising links.

Sports Coach Visitors

First a little bit about the website that might help you decide if the website is appropriate for your product(s) or service(s).

The website, which started back in 1996, now comprises of over 1,000 pages. Visitors to the website are made up of fitness enthusiasts, athletes, coaches and students studying sport-related qualifications and the average monthly number of visitors are 700,000. See the visitors page for more details of numbers and the country where those visitors are from. Also, see the comments page to get an idea of the comments I receive from visitors about the content of the material on the website.

Advertising Links

Text Link

A text link can be from existing text on the website or from a short piece of text provided by yourself. The content of the provided text does need to be consistent with the information on the page you wish to include the text and link.


"Achieve your desired weight with Holland and Barrett's range of weight management products".

Image Link

An image advertising your product(s) can be used but the maximum size of the image is 580 (width) x 100 (height). The preferred image format is JPG.


Supplements, vitamins and minerals

I can hold the image on my site, but you may find it more convenient to hold it on your site so that you can try different images during the advertising period.


You can provide an article about your product or service which include up to five appropriate links. The article should be approximately 800 words in length and include a brief resume of the author. The article will remain on the website until you request its removal or if any of the links in the article fail (return a "404 not found"). The following link provides guidelines for articles.

Cost of Advertising

The information on the website is free but unfortunately, there are overhead costs associated with my internet provider, so advertising is not free. The cost depends on the page you wish to advertise on and the duration of the advertisement. Please contact me to discuss your advertising needs.


Once I have placed the advertisement on the website then the payment for the whole period of advertising is to be paid in full within 7 days. Payment is through "PayPal" only.

What do I do now?

If you are interested in advertising on my website, then please contact me by email at and include details of the product and the website the product will link to. I will then get back to you.