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Coaching Articles - Young Athletes

  • Profile of a young athlete
    The physical development of young athletes and what we need to take into consideration when coaching them.
  • Nurturing Talent
    Jamie French, Scott Grace, Jenny Harris and Dr. Matt long explore how to develop young talent in the sport
  • Back Injuries in Young Athletes
    This article is a review of the various problems related to common back injuries in young athletes
  • What factors need to be adapted in youth resistance training?
    Kalan Jones discuss training adaptations when working with our youth. The growth and maturation process for adolescents varies with each individual. A child's maturation is often looked at according to their chronological age, but more importantly, maturation depends on a child's biological age.
  • Muscle Balance: Getting it Right
    Muscle balance is important in the prevention of injuries and may assist in the development of maximum speed and improved muscular performance. If not addressed, through a well thought out and disciplined training program, muscle imbalances can slow down and possibly result in injury to the young athlete.

Literature Review - Coaching

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