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Tips to get your child interested in sports

Shaleem Merry provides some advice on how to develop your child's interest in sport.

Today, a lot of students are living in an isolated and sedentary lifestyle. This puts them at risk of obesity even at a young age. Children today find it almost impossible to grow without technology. It is as if they were born with laptops and tablets in their hands instead of toys and pacifiers. It is shameful for us because as parents, we are pushing them to bad habits for life.

Though excellent mobility and technological advancements are simplifying our lives, it is not the best for the kids. Today, the younger generation is getting addicted to comfort. Most of them stay glued to their couches and spend hours after hours watching television, browsing the net, playing online games, and chatting on social media.

Of course, this is okay if done occasionally or after studies. However, today, the situation is that whenever a child finds some time off their busy schedule, they spend it with their gadgets playing online games on the internet. As a result of this, the physical activity amongst the students is minimum. This has a direct impact on the mental and physical health of the child.

It is because of these reasons why it is essential to teach a spirit of sportsmanship amongst children right from their childhood. Associating with sports teaches them life lessons like discipline. This is possibly the biggest life lesson that children in today’s generation need. The discipline that they learn in their child sticks with them and helps them as they grow into responsible adults after they graduate from school. Rachel, a mother of two young boys, says that she has always directed her kids towards sports and other extracurricular activities.

On days when the homework was much, she never compromised on the sports. She rather took respite in a reliable assignment help provider to ensure that their homework did not suffer and mental and the physical development was not compromised. When you go outside for playing with your friends, you are in the proximity of nature. This helps the children grow stronger, and it significantly boosts their overall growth.

Children who prefer to laze and relax in their homes instead of getting involved in an outdoor activity tend to be lazy adults even in their adult life. This is a primary concern in almost all households these days, and parents often seek expert advice to have their children make a responsible shift to outdoor activities. So, here we have come up with a few quick and easy tips that will help you encourage your child towards outdoor sports and games.

Actively join them in the sport

Kids have a natural tendency to observe and follow the footsteps and the habits of their parents. So, if your child sees you lazing around and fiddling with your smartphone, he will act the same. Thus, you should take your child to a nearby park or in the backyard and play with them. You can pick any sport like basketball, football, jumping ropes, baseball, or any other choice of sport. This will inculcate a habit of playing sports. Suzan says that she and her daughter have a regular practice of completing 10k steps on the treadmill. On the days when her homework is more, she would instead opt for an online do my statistics homework provider, but never miss her evening workout. So, adopting an active lifestyle is something that you have to teach your child early on in their life.

Buy them sports gears over gadgets for birthdays

Lily, says on every birthday of her son, she gifts him something that is beyond academics and works on the child’s overall development. She adds that on the last birthday she got him a cricket kit, while on this one, she enrolled him to the best online python course best online python course because he loves learning new computer languages. See, the idea is to get your child busy into things that boost his overall growth. There is no point giving them gadgets that they will use only for playing video games. When the child gets the latest cricket kit, he would naturally want to go out and play.

Bond with them over sports

Augustya, the father of a young boy, says that he and his boy love to watch football. So, every time there is a football match on, he makes it a point to watch the game with his child. Yes, at times, that means that he has to seek online write my essay for me service to compensate for the time his child spends watching the game, but he says he knows his child can write essays all his life, but if not pushed towards sport now, he would never be interested. Moreover, when you watch the game with your child, they will ask you questions, and that will strengthen the bond between you two, and it will also increase his likeness towards the sports.

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Shaleem Merry is a freelance journalist.