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Training Articles - Psychology

  • Sports Psychology Tip: The Last Day You Ever Choke in Sport
    Lisa Lane Brown explains how to cure overwhelming nerves and performance anxiety, so you can perform at your best under pressure in sport.
  • Using Sports Psychology to Train the Brain to Win
    William Rover explains how training the mind can have a positive impact on performance.
  • 12 Steps to Climbing Confidence
    Emily Pitts provides an insight into her "12 Steps to Climbing Confidence" training program that is delivered completely online.
  • Mental Training Techniques
    Camilla Sheppard provides an overview of how you can improve your performance with simple mental training techniques. Research has shown that having self-belief, a high level of concentration and self-control can vastly improve the abilities of even the most successful athletes.
  • Pressures of being an Elite Athlete
    Isobelle Biggin provides an overview of her doctorate research project into coaches' and athletes' perceptions of mental ill-health in elite athletes, how these issues arise and the challenges and barriers in athletes accessing support.
  • Building Mental Strength
    Sports are a pastime enjoyed by many. No matter whether sports are played professionally or by amateurs, not only is it important to be strong physically but mentally as well. When building physical strength, one's progress is quite visible, but the development of mental strength may not be so easy to see. There are many different ways in which people can increase their mental strength.

Literature Review - Psychology

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