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Benefits of a Sports Club for Kids

Steven Ladd explains why you should encourage your kids to join a sports club.

With all the youth clubs, dance classes, acting, and sports teams available for children, it can be hard to choose which is best. When there is so much choice, it can deter you from choosing an activity for your child. But here are the reasons why it is vital to get your little ones signed up to a sports club this year.

The social benefits

Fresh air, friends, and a fun outdoor sport offers lots of social benefits for children. It is an excellent opportunity to help them make friends with other kids outside their school. Team games like football and cricket encourage children to work together, and it naturally allows friendships to grow. If you speak to any of your friends they will likely have been part of sports clubs themselves as a child, it is a fun activity to be involved in when you are young. Especially now when more kids prefer to play on tablets and smart-phones, an outdoor sport encourages them to socialise and make new friends.

Helps build confidence

If your child is a little shy, being involved in a sports club can help them come out of their shell. When you are part of a sports team, you are playing closely with other kinds of different personalities, and this can help children overcome their shyness. Playing a competitive sport and winning games inspires inner confidence. When your child tells family and friends, they have made a significant achievement in their sports club, and they will have a feeling of pride.

Sports clubs are fun

Many kids want to be involved in a sport they enjoy. If they are already a fan of football, then being involved in a local football club means they are part of a sport they enjoy. When a child loves a particular sport, they will want to attend weekly club meetings rather than resent having to go. The primary purpose of a children's sports club is to provide a fun and outdoor activity for kids to get involved in. Along with being fun, a child's passion for a sports club can help lead towards a future career.

Keeps them active

In data from 2015/16, it shows that 19.8% of UK children aged 10-11 were obese. Child obesity is a growing concern in the UK. Children do not play outside as often anymore, and they are often drawn to spending more time going on the internet and using technology. By encouraging your kids to join a sports club, they will be more active outside, and it will help them get regular exercise.

Encourage your kids to push their comfort boundaries and join a club

Joining a sports club helps teach children about friendly competition and helps them grow their confidence. Being part of a sports club is different from being at school. Sports clubs are fun, outdoor activities that inspire children to be active and passionate about the sport. They can spend time with their friends in a safe and fun environment. Nowadays, more children want to stay in and play on their iPads, and they are missing the benefits of the outdoors.

Encourage your kids to choose and join a sports club, and it will be good for their health, wellbeing, and their confidence which will all benefit them as they grow.

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About the Author

Steven Ladd is the Media Manager at Avec Sport. He has a keen interest in sports and supplies team kits to professional and grass-roots clubs.