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Regaining Fitness after a Road Accident

Mathew Howard considers the journey we may take in the recovery from a road accident.

The process of rehabilitation after acquiring an injury through a road accident can be a long and slow one, and you will likely require the support of a range of professionals. Always check with your GP before undertaking a new exercise regime or rehabilitation program after an accident or illness. Regular check-ups are advised to make sure that your recovery is heading in the right direction.

Care should be taken not to cause any more damage to muscles and joints; maintaining proper body alignment and avoiding poor technique when performing exercises of any kind should be your main priority when starting to regain fitness. Your recovery will be aided by maintaining a healthy lifestyle in general - a balanced diet and a regular sleeping pattern are vital parts of this process.

You may be prescribed rest after your accident or injury, but this does not mean remaining sedentary unless specifically requested by your doctor. Gentle activity that does not put stress on the affected area or cause pain will stimulate your circulation and promote recovery. Injuries in a localised part of the body may only require you to rest one area, not your whole body, in which case you can amend your training routine and regain fitness by working on the non-affected areas.

Over time you should attempt to regain fitness by strengthening the weakened muscles caused by your accident or injury by starting small and working up to increase endurance. Dynamic, active stretching alongside cardio and resistance training will help you regain your full range of motion. The key is to schedule a progressive return to full training - pushing yourself (within reason), working hard but not enough to cause further injury or pain.

For those with a severe brain or spinal injury, you may need to relearn skills and find new ways of doing things you did before and require help from a range of specialists to aid your recovery.  In particular, physiotherapy focuses on helping your strength, mobility, and fitness, and maybe undertaken alongside other forms of rehabilitation like occupational therapy, speech-language therapy, and treatment of pain.

When a severe injury occurs through a road accident, you may be able to seek compensation through specialist lawyers for the injuries caused and to cover the costs of long-term rehabilitation and treatment as well as specialist equipment or adapting your home.

Other options for those struggling to pay for their treatment, are charities such as the Queen Elizabeth's Foundation for Disabled People and which offer a range of mobility services designed to get you back to your desired fitness.

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