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Omron's Body Composition Monitors

Omron Healthcare, a leader in health and wellness monitoring products, presents its new foot to foot body composition monitors.

The digital scales BF212 and BF214 enable users to accurately measure and record not only their body weight but also body fat percentage and body mass index (BMI). Especially in summer, many people set new exercise goals for themselves, to get rid of extra pounds and get back on track with personal fitness. Omron's new body composition monitors provide significant support towards reaching individual weight and fitness goals.

Clinically validated modern technology

As a leader in the field of body composition technique for private use, Omron Healthcare is experienced and well versed in the development of new technologies to ensure high quality and ease of use for their customers. Scientific research on structures and biological processes in the human body makes it possible for Omron's body composition monitors to precisely calculate different components of the user's body mass. Such an individual analysis gives more comprehensive insights into health and fitness than a simple scale would be able to.

Thanks to the products' high-quality sensor technology, the new body composition monitors supply precise measurements and show the effects of changes in dietary and exercising habits. The devices are clinically tested by major health organizations to ensure accurate results and reliable support.

More features for more support

Using the new monitors, BF212 and BF214 is the easiest way of checking relevant components of the personal body mass.

Besides body weight, the two slim and compact body composition monitors calculate the user's body fat percentage and BMI, using the information stored in the personal profile number. Up to four persons can save their data on the devices.

The BF212 Monitor


The BF214 additionally gives the user readings on visceral fat and skeletal muscle percentage (muscles attached to bones that move the body) for a complete overview of the body composition.

Increasing the ratio of skeletal muscle percentage means that the body can burn energy more quickly - a helpful step on the way to a slimmer figure.

With the memory function of the BF214, the monitor will even keep track of the data by making available the last measurement results.

The BF214 Monitor

BF 214

Thanks to their various parameters, the new body composition monitors provide plenty of motivation and information by giving users a complete picture of their body's condition, making progress towards personal diet and fitness goals visible - for an active and healthy lifestyle.

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