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Essential Components of Exercising

Clara John explains the essential components to exercising well - Posture, Breathing & Stretching.

Regular exercising is an option to live an ailment free, fit and active life. We are advised to exercise from those who never exercise themselves and by our acquaintances, who are good at maintaining their fitness. In both ways, there are very few who can advise on the perfect way to exercise. Merely running, weight lifting, aerobics, or yoga cannot do any good for our health if we do not know how to get the maximum benefits from our workouts.

People are aware of the benefits of exercises, but the misconceptions and little knowledge about doing it correctly are the obstacles that stop them from pursuing it actively. Practicing a few essentials is necessary to get the most of our efforts. To receive the maximum benefits from your workout regimen, you need to focus on your breathing style, your posture and the stretches. These three strategies enhance your resistance and also allow you to burn more calories to maintain your desired weight.

Maintaining the Correct Posture

Accurate posture is an ultimate prerequisite for a healthy existence in many ways. One should know the importance of a correct posture to avoid various back and neck discomforts and pains. The right posture also helps in reducing fatigue during the workouts and even in daily routine. Posture affects joints, muscles and skeleton structure throughout the body and especially the backbone. Here are signs of a perfect posture which are necessary to maintain during all the workouts:

  • Upright head positioned to keep the ears over the shoulders
  • Shoulders should be rolled back at the joints
  • The upper back should not be arched or humped - stay tall
  • An arc in the lower back is also vital by keeping the belly button in and hips neutral
  • Knees should be relaxed and slightly bent

Breathing Properly

Breathing is what we perform throughout life without giving it a thought, but surprisingly most of us do not know how to breathe correctly. We inhale for oxygen and exhale to remove carbon dioxide. A proper breathing pattern is an important factor to get the most of your exercise regimen. It is important to inhale deeply filling the lungs.

Regular practice of proper breathing is excellent for overall health that also helps in improving your lung capacity. Keeping a conscious eye on your breathing while working out assists you in maintaining your heart rate and making your body respond more efficiently to the workouts. During workouts, the body needs greater amounts of oxygen, and it automatically increases the respiration rate. You need to focus on breathing while performing aerobics, yoga poses or with lifting the weights to feel more comfortable. For all exercises, it is important to focus on inhaling and exhaling continuously. Continuous airflow through your lungs is crucial for a healthy exercise regimen and to get the maximum benefits of your fitness efforts.

Stretching Well

Stretching well is essential to prevent muscle soreness and injury risks during the exercises. Stretching increases your range of motion which helps you in every movement of your workout regimen. Stretching can improve your overall fitness by enhancing your flexibility and reducing injury risk. Flexibility is necessary to increase your range of motion and to improve your physical performance.

Stretching correctly, before and after any workout, is recommended to increase the blood flow. It alleviates the muscular stiffness and keeps you tension free throughout the day. Stretching, as part of a cool-down activity, helps in muscle recovery after the exercise regimen. It is recommended to contact your health adviser before embarking on any stretching routine or new exercise routine.

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About the Author

Clara John likes to be aware of fitness practice to live an active life. Clara has been zealous about learning & sharing ways to improve fitness using specific exercise equipment to maintain optimal health.