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Sports Injury Claims

Jo Williams provides some advice on who can and how to proceed in filing for a sports injury claim.

You do not have to be a world-class athlete to file a claim for compensation for a sports injury. You could be just an average Joe, playing in a summer cricket league with a bunch of co-workers. If an accident were to occur there, and the fault is not of your own, you have the right to make a legal claim.

While there are many legal services you can turn to, this is not a situation where you want to try a new firm or have your friend help you out. This is a serious claim that can affect your ability to work, which may affect your ability to provide for your family, so this claim must be handled quickly.

Many of our readers over the years have written to us asking about how to proceed in filing for a sports injury claim, and every single reader who used Co-Op legal services was happy with the professionalism that the staff there provided.

From the moment our readers called in for a free consultation, Co-Op legal services quickly got the information needed to move forward in the case. The best thing was, most of the calls they receive every day are from normal 9 to 5 hard-working people. These weekend athletes are the ones who usually have the slips, trips, and falls that make up a majority of claims aided by Co-Op legal services.

How do I find out if I am eligible for a claim?

While we always recommend calling a legal service to discuss your options, we do have a few tips to guide you during this time of uncertainty. Listed below are just a few circumstances when a claim may be made:

  • Diving into a swimming pool where there are no markings of depth or the depth markings are not in visible locations
  • Being struck by a golf ball on a wild shot (reckless play) or from a stray tee shot
  • An injury from a contact sport like football or rugby, when reckless play by a fellow player causes the injury

There are common injuries that lead to claims, and many that are a bit more obscure. The main point we wanted to get across to you was that it is not just professional athletes who can make claims on sports injuries. Weekend warriors like yourself should be protected as well!

What about my medical bills?

This is the first thing that crosses a lot of people's minds when dealing with a sports injury. Not all of us have a professional team or a Sky Sports scholarship to foot the bill for us, so the mind automatically drifting towards the money aspect of this injury is a natural way of things.

This is where hiring the right legal advice can help you. Whether someone took you out during a game with malicious intent, or it was merely one of those freak accidents where a player slips, trips, and falls you need someone to get to the bottom of the case as soon as possible.

By getting to the root of the problem, and identifying who is liable, your legal team can help get you the money and coverage you need; in some cases, right away. A few things that any good legal team will be looking to do in this situation is listed below:

  • Looking for the responsibility of what caused your injury, and if there has already been an admission of guilt by a party involved.
  • If there is reliable enough evidence already, that supports your claim

If you or your legal team can determine these two things above quickly, medical coverage can be taken care of promptly. This helps you not only in a financial sense, but it truly does help calm the nerves of other family members having the comfort of knowing that you will be getting the best medical treatment that money can buy.

What exactly can I claim for?

There are two primary “areas” most clients file for during a sports injury claim. The first is compensation for your injury, and the other is compensation for your financial losses. While these are the most common claims, we recommend you get a free consultation from a few legal services, because every claim truly is a different situation.

The last reason you should hire a legal team to handle your claim is the fact that you do not want to get into an ugly court battle with others. Let your legal team handle all of that, while also negotiating a settlement that you deserve for the injury you sustained.

Your focus should be on rehabbing your injury, getting all family matters in line, making sure you can get back to work, and ultimately getting back on the field to play with your friends and colleagues once again!

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About the Author

Jo Williamson was a personal trainer and Yoga instructor for nearly a decade. She works as a freelance consultant helping businesses and even individuals setup health clubs and gyms.