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World's Sports Events

Jenny Richards provides an overview of the six world's most significant sporting events.

Every day many sporting events happen all over the world. Out of all those sports events, some leave a mark year after year. The following are some of the top sporting events in the world.

The summer Olympics

The Summer Olympics are held every four years. The games were inspired by the Greek Olympic Games that lasted until the 4th century AD. Over 205 countries and well above 10,000 Olympians take part in the Summer Olympics each year. Countries that get to host the Olympics usually embark on large projects to build new arenas. As a result, each Olympics year leaves in its wake some of the best arenas in the world. Britain hosted the last Summer Olympics in 2012 and bagged 29 gold medals, which is the best record the country has ever had. The 2016 Olympic Games will be hosted in Rio, Brazil.

World Cup Soccer

The Soccer World Cup lasts a month, and during this time, billions of people around the world tune in to their televisions to watch. Teams have to play World Cup qualifier matches to make it to the World Cup. During the tournament, teams are divided into groups where they play elimination rounds, with the best teams moving on to the quarterfinals, then semi-finals, and finally the finals. Germany was the winner in the last world cup. Soccer is the one sport in the world that has a lot of die-hard supporters. Differences of opinion or a loss by a favourite team has often resulted in injuries.

Super Bowl, USA

It is hard to miss the Super Bowl due to the hype that takes place weeks before the games. The Super Bowl marks the end of NFL season whereby the two teams that win the conference games played on Super Bowl Sunday. The winning prize is the Vince Lombardi Trophy, among other spoils. The Super Bowl features big-brand commercials and spectacular halftime performances by music stars.

NBA Finals, USA

Some of the greatest sportsmen who have influenced popular culture since the last century have been basketballers. It is no wonder then that the NBA finals and the games leading up to the finals are some of the world's most viewed sports tournaments. During the NBA season, teams play a total of 82 games, half at home and half away. The 82 games include matches against teams within the same division, other divisions, and other conferences. At the end of the season, which is marked by the NBA finals, the winning teams from each conference play each other.

The U.S. Masters, USA

The U.S. Masters is a golf tournament held every first week of April, in Augusta, Georgia. The prize for winning the tournament is substantial and currently stands at 3.4 million dollars. The winner also receives a green sports jacket and becomes an honorary member of the Augusta National Golf Club.

Wimbledon, England

The Wimbledon Tournament held in England is the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. The Tournament, which lasts two weeks, is the only Grand Slam event that is still played on grass. Some celebrated Wimbledon champions include Petra Kvitova, Serena Williams, Roger Federer, and Novak Djokovic.

It has become part of the tradition for the whole world to do nothing but focus on the above sports when they happen. Do not miss the next scheduled events.

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