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Microsoft HealthVault

Jennifer Owens looks at the benefits associated with Microsoft HealthVault development.

People are supposed to use Microsoft HealthVault for storing and transferring information between a host of devices, health-related applications, clinical systems, and services. HealthVault is supposed to be a web-based platform that has been offered by Microsoft for collecting, storing, sharing as well as maintaining all kinds of medical, fitness and health information. This is a personal medical or health record system that was launched in October 2007.

The website is meant basically for healthcare professionals. Users are now able to manage their medical records and can easily share their health-related or medical information with family, friends, and most importantly, healthcare professionals. You have easy access to some reliable and competent health management applications, thanks to the Internet.

HealthVault Development

HealthVault development is a huge step forward as far as the healthcare industry is concerned. It is a web application accessed effectively by HealthVault website users. It can communicate with the HV platform servers precisely for determining precise data access rights, rights needed for deleting, creating, updating, and reading all kinds of information and data that is stored in the HealthVault System.

This application must go through some authentication and authorization procedures and steps before it can access the data present in the HealthVault System. The user starts a real browser session. He accesses the HealthVault Web Page as well as Facebook Account Credentials or a Microsoft Open ID. This authentication process is referred to as HealthVault User Shell.

You could start the user shell by opening the HealthVault Application. The user would at once be taken to the HealthVault Webpage, and he would be asked to sign in. When the user signs in, the application at once starts running.

Useful in Creating New Business Avenues

You could now be delivering more value to your clients and members. More value implies stronger relationships and much stricter adherence to patient treatment plans.

Great for Delivering Value Quickly

HealthVault offers a host of services that are useful in developing apps quickly for people having a specific interest area or condition or individuals who are passionate about keeping track of health and fitness. Thanks to HealthVault various solution providers are benefitted immensely from the fantastic storage capacity.

Data from Diverse Devices Are Welcome

HealthVault Connection Centre allows health and fitness information to be transferred from diverse devices such as blood pressure monitors, Withings Wifi Body Scale, as well as heart rate watches.

It could be useful in locating and after that, downloading the medical device drivers. In the year 2014, Microsoft had introduced Microsoft Band, a fitness band that facilitates aggregation and also, integration of a variety of services such as MyFitnessPal.

Medical Imaging Storage Much Easier Now

HealthVault helps in storing DICOM-based medical imaging. Users can now use the opportunity of downloading required medical imaging DVDs with efficient assistance from the HealthVault Connection Centre. Third parties are also lucky to upload or download medical imaging to and from HealthVault.

Interoperability Assured

HealthVault offers a host of exchange formats, namely industry standards such as Continuity of Care Document and Continuity of Care Record. It provides support for all the current healthcare industry standards. This is precisely why it can easily integrate with many personal healthcare record services and solutions.

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About the Author

Jennifer Owens is a qualified healthcare IT expert currently involved in healthcare integration and migration projects. In her free time, she enjoys blogging.