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ELISA kits

Joan Randall looks at some of the benefits of using ELISA kits for clinical tests.

Nowadays, ELISA kits are being extensively used in science and medicine throughout the world. ELISA kits are one of the most important tools being used to spot the presence of antibodies and antigens in a sample. ELISA is short for Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay, and the purpose of ELISA is to identify the protein concentration in the human body fluids. It is also used to regulate a person's immunity by diagnosing diseases and viruses.

Two types of ELISA tests are used in laboratories today. The first type is the "indirect ELISA" Tests, which are used to detect antibodies in a sample. An example of this test is HIV testing, in which antibodies that are against the virus are detected. The second type of ELISA test is the "sandwich ELISA" test which is used to detect the antigens and later used to capture the antigens between two antibodies. A good example of a sandwich ELISA test is the pregnancy test in which the human chorionic gonadotropin is detected.

Inside laboratories, tests are carried out day and night to ensure that humans are aware of their conditions, good or bad. By collecting body fluids from patients, doctors are now using ELISA kits to detect life-threatening diseases and viruses and have been able to come up with appropriate solutions and modes of medication.

Other than detecting the presence of antibodies and antigens, ELISA kits can also be used in the food industry to detect food allergens. Every food business needs to identify food allergens such as wheat, eggs, milk, soybeans, and so on. Therefore, you can use ELISA Kits to find out if you have any allergies to certain foods.

As we all know, we are what we eat. A healthy meal means a healthy life. Finding out if you have any specific food allergies ensures that you do not consume what will harm your well-being. Fortunately, there is a quick and straightforward way for you to know what foods you are allergic to. By using ELISA kits, doctors around the globe have been able to advise their patients on the kinds of foods that will be harmful to them if consumed.

The bottom line is, with so much advancement in technology, you can now know your status most conveniently and quickly possible. Therefore, just like the scriptures say, ‘knowledge is power'. So, act before it is too late and have some tests done on you. With ELISA Tests, you will be able to get more accurate results regarding your general health.

So why use ELISA kits? Well, they are Reliable, Fast, Convenient and Safe. It is a vital fitness strategy, and regardless of whether you are using ELISA kits to detect diseases, viruses, or food allergies, you can be sure that the results will be precise.

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About the Author

Joan Randall has been a fitness expert for about two years now. For her two years in the business, Joan has been able to interact with different doctors locally and gathered enough evidence supporting her opinion on how ELISA kits are essential today.