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Sports Trophies

Michael Kazmi provides an insight as to why sports trophies are essential.

Behind every athlete exists a driving motivation. For some, playing sports is a way to have fun while getting some much-needed exercise. Others are motivated by money, prestige, or power. Many athletes play sports because they want to push their bodies to their full potential. Regardless of the reason for pursuing athletics, you would be hard-pressed to find an athlete who did not appreciate being recognized for his or her achievements. Here are just five reasons why trophies matter.

Trophies Instil Motivation

Trophies represent something intangible. Much more than just a large golden cup, a trophy is physical evidence of years of training. Athletes dedicate their lives to be the best that they can be, and that trophy is a manifestation of all of those years of work. When all of that effort finally culminates into a victory, it is a fantastically gratifying experience. That desire to reach the pinnacle of one's potential is the real reward, and a trophy represents that achievement in a way that people can see and admire.

Trophies Serve as a Reminder

Receiving a trophy is not an occasion that ends when the event is over. It stays with you for a lifetime. Every time you look at that trophy, you are reminded of that day that you conquered your opponent. The trophy is also a reminder that you need to continue pushing to improve your performance so that you can make your collection grow. One trophy is an honour, but owning multiple trophies shows that you are exceptional at your sport.

Trophies Add a Fun Dynamic to the Game

Athletes love competition. Sometimes just knowing that you won, and the other team lost is not enough. After all, if both sides walk off the field empty-handed, a passer-by would not be able to tell the runners-up from the champions. A trophy is the focal point of the closing ceremony, giving spectators a clear and undeniable display of which team emerged as the victor.

Trophies Are Tradition

Trophies have been a staple at competitive events since ancient times, and they were also used to commemorate war victories. In the 1600s, it became customary to give chalices to the winners of competitions such as horse, or boat races, as well as other sporting events. These days, a trophy is just expected. It has become the cultural norm, and it is widely accepted as only a part of the game.

A Trophy Is a Record

Even the most incredible sports event of all time will one day be forgotten. Trophies serve as a lasting testament to specific achievements. No athlete wants his or her effort to be forgotten, and a trophy is a rugged object that will tell the story for years to come. This quote from Trophy Outlet sums it up: “A trophy makes that moment of victory last forever.” Trophies immortalized a pivotal time in an athlete's life when all of that work paid off.

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About the Author

Michael Kazmi is a long-distance runner, health coach, personal trainer, and all-around fitness enthusiast from Boulder, CO. When Michael is not playing sports, he is writing about them, and he is passionate about helping fellow athletes to improve performance by improving training methods.