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Herbal remedies to manage asthma

Dr James Martin provides advice on the use of herbal remedies to manage asthma

Herbal and home remedies are increasingly finding more use today as more people go back to traditional healing methods for the treatment of their ailments. When it comes to asthma, you will find various therapies that go beyond the use of HomeSite. This includes the use of yoga, acupuncture, and breathing exercises. If you are considering using these different forms of therapies, it is important to know that no scientific studies are available to show the safety and effectiveness of some of these therapies. You will find many herbs and supplements that can help relieve some of the symptoms of asthma. However, before you start on any therapy you need to know the following.

Involve your doctor

This is important as your doctor will have more knowledge of other therapies that are safe for you. He will also let you know what to expect with herbal use. If you decide to go the herbal way, find an expert herbalist that will guide you on the best herbs for your case. He will also alert you on the interaction that the herbs will have on any existing medication that you are taking. Some of the herbs can hinder the work of the prescribed drugs you are taking. They can also cause the enhanced action of the prescribed drugs to be more than is safe for your body. Working with a doctor or specialist is therefore prudent.

Use it as a complementary therapy

Sometimes the herbs do help with some symptoms of asthma such as breathlessness. However, the prescribed medicine you take should remain the primary way of controlling the condition. This is because during an asthma attack, the herbal concoctions and supplements, may not act as fast. Secondly, effectiveness of herbal therapies is not always known to be as effective as the prescribed medication that is specifically designed to prevent or stop an asthma attack. Herbal therapies may be useful in reducing the incidences of asthma attacks and in helping you manage the symptoms.

Know the effects the herbs will have on your body

The herbs do alter the way your body functions. You should, therefore, use them under the advice of a professional therapist or your doctor. Some may cause other unwanted side effects that arise from their prolonged use. These herbs can reduce inflammation of your lungs, soothe the lungs among other uses but they may also cause bleeding problems or increase blood pressure.

Can you use herbal products to manage your asthma? The answer to that question is, yes as long as any therapy you use is complementary to the one endorsed by your doctor. You should also do so under the supervision of your doctor or herbal expert. Where possible, use other therapies that do not involve mixing up your medication. Acupuncture, yoga, and breathing exercises are relatively safer alternatives that you can use over herbal therapy. The main important thing to remember is that while other therapies can help to manage your symptoms, they may not be as effective as conventional treatments.

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About the Author

A doctor by profession, James Martin advocates the use of conventional medicine for the treatment of serious symptoms of asthma such as breathlessness.