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The Benefits of Running

Jessica Natalie provides an insight into the many benefits of running, and perhaps No 4 is the least known.

If today an offer was placed on the table and you had to choose between going to the gym and going out for a jog, 90% of you would prefer hitting the gym. The majority of people hate running because one wakes up with stiff limbs the following day. They would prefer going to the gym and take on strength training with weights and workout machines. However, do you know that running has more significant benefits to the body than you can imagine?

Running was from time immemorial part and parcel of humankind. Long before projectile weapons got invented, early man had to survive in the jungle. He hunted the game using the persistent hunting method. This method is where; groups of hunters would chase an animal for hours till it got exhausted and surrendered to the hunter. In short, they relied upon their stamina to pursue their hunt.

Many people, however, understand that this is the best way to get in shape and forget the other benefits that exercise has on almost the entire body, making one much healthier. That moment when you realize what it can do to your overall health, you will start looking at it from a whole new perspective. Here are more reasons why you should take a jog.

1. As a runner, you will make a better partner

Good athletes have great stamina in the blood. A study by some scientists from Cambridge University put 542 runners from Robin Hood Marathon to a test. They realized that the ones that finished faster tended to higher sex drive and a corresponding higher sperm count. Back in the early days, putting food on the table meant you had excellent stamina. More meat meant a more extensive and healthier family. This also translated to having a pick of the females, therefore passing active genes down the generation.

2. Makes one be a better thinker

There is plenty of examples of great thinkers who also performed impressively in the running. Alan Turing finished 5th in the marathon trials for the 1948 Olympics in a time of 2 hours 46 minutes. Matthew Paris, the British politician, and a journalist ran a marathon in 2 hours and 32 minutes, while scientist Wolfgang Ketterle who was also a Nobel Prize winner, had the best time of 2 hours 49 minutes. There is a single protein known as the estrogen-related receptor gamma (ERRgamma) which controls the release of energy to the muscles. Running can make you good at producing it, thereby potentially making you good in memory tests.

3. Running prevents you from getting cancer

While a healthy lifestyle can earn you a healthy body, jogging has so far been proven to help one to ward off the evils of cancer. In a study by Finnish scientists, 2560 middle-aged men were put on research for about 17 years. The study after 17 years proved that those who engaged themselves in physical exercise were least to develop cancer. Those who participated in running or such activities for at least 30 minutes every day were far more protected than the rest. The research findings were published in 2009.

4. Improves hearing

When you jog, there is increased blood flow to your ears, which then improves your hearing capabilities. This research was conducted in the Bellarmine University Kentucky, US, and included 1082 women. In the end, Dr Paul Loprinzi, who led the study concluded that women with better cardiovascular fitness could hear both high and low frequencies much better. Those with aerobics fitness were at least a 6% chances of hearing better.

5. Runners tend to live longer

An international medical study put 1000 men of 50 years and above, in their research for 21 years. In the end, a whopping 85% of the runners were still alive, while only 66% of the non-runners were alive.

6. A good way to fight beer bellies

When people age, they accumulate some pounds in their stomachs. However, according to a study by the Medical and Science which carried out their research on 10,000 men, it was realized that men who run more than 35 miles weekly had their bellies weighing less than those that did only nine or below miles.

7. You get sufficient vitamin D when you jog

Vitamin D is right for your health as it helps you ward off diseases such as type 2 Diabetes. It also helps free you from depression alongside strengthening your bones. However, a whopping 41.6% of Americans are still deficient in this vital vitamin, according to research published on the Nutrition Research website. Most Americans spend most of their time indoors, thereby do not get the benefits of this vitamin. When you go out jogging, you expose your body to this vitamin freely from the sun and benefit immensely.

8. You do not need much equipment

You do not need to have machines or mats or accessories for you to go out to run. Get a pair of shorts, shoes, and you are good. In many other sports, you will need more than just a tracksuit.

9. You get strong

This is one great cardiovascular workout. When you are used to running, you do not get tired quickly from doing specific workloads. You can do so many activities on a given day without getting exhausted.

10. Strengthens your bones

Running is a high-impact sport, meaning that as your muscles enjoy their benefits; your bones as well are remade and reloaded. You do not get such benefits when you go out swimming, cycling, or doing aerobics. It makes you free from weak bones and osteoporosis.

11. Makes one work towards their goal

People who run are very much goal-oriented because they always want to achieve something, though they know they cannot hit their goal in a day. They take their time, loads of work, and maintain consistency even in their day-to-day life. The mindset will help you also reach your career, financial and other goals in life.


It is interesting to know what running can do for both your physical and mental health. However, there are a lot more benefits that one can gain through running. Are not only long-runs beneficial but also short ones can make a whole lot of difference to your mind, body, and spirit. Try it today and experience what good things a run has in store for you.

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About the Author

Jessica Natalie is a health and fitness lifestyle blogger who is passionate about running and wants to spread the love on her blog