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Three important parts when performing any exercise

Johan Hansson explains why it is critical when performing any exercise, to ensure you prevent injury, work the correct muscles, and have a proper diet.

All good things come in threes, as the saying goes. We have three primary colours, which make up the entire spectrum that our eyes can perceive. If you would prefer to wander off towards a more religious view on the matter, there is the Father, The Spirit, and the Holy Ghost – or the three wise men. Even in different forms of gambling, the number makes an appearance. A three-bet is often referred to as one of the strongest moves in poker and the “Three-point Molly” system in craps is considered to be one of the strongest systems. Three piglets in the story, three pieces to a complete suit, and well, the list goes on. But here we will look a bit into the three of the essential parts when performing any exercise at the gym.

Prevent Injury

No matter what your goals are; you will stray further from them if you injure yourself. If you feel like something is off, stop the exercise. Always research the proper way to perform the exercise or ask someone knowledgeable. A simple exercise can quickly turn bad, even fatal when performed incorrectly. Having some basic knowledge about human anatomy will help you understand how your muscles and joints work together, reducing the chances of you injuring yourself.

Work the proper muscle

If you are performing a biceps curl; work the biceps. Before you start any exercise, ask yourself what part you are trying to put stress on. If your goal is to stress out the biceps, then make sure that the arrow hits the target. A common mistake when performing isolation exercises is choosing a too heavyweight, and it soon becomes more of a compound exercise as you have to use other parts of your body to support the muscle initially targeted. Always work yourself up in weights, or you will soon find yourself working yourself down.

Set up a proper diet

With good and proper food come positive results and – you guessed it; with a bad diet comes bad results. Food is the fuel for our body and when living an active lifestyle has to take even more place and become an even more central part of our lives. I have had several clients who never achieved their goals until they made an appropriate change in their diet – even when having an excellent training regimen.

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About the Author

Johan Hansson has a Ph.D. in biomedicine from Lund University. He has 12 years' experience in personal training and has helped hundreds of clients reach their goals.