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Learn A New Sport - eSports

Ava Carson provides an overview of yet another new sport - eSports.

Sport is a universal constant in people's lives, and it can take on many forms. In today's modern time, technological innovations have managed to affect this aspect, just like any other. As a result, the young generation which was practically born computer-literate can enjoy the entertainment of yet another new sport - eSports.

What is eSports?

Because it quickly grew into one of the century's greatest phenomena, it was only fair that it has a proper name. In the spirit of the new age, it received the adjective 'electronic' in its abbreviated form. But what exactly is eSports?

It is a competitive video game where players use their gaming skills to battle each other until there is a winner. The origins date back to the appearance of video games, but its magnitude started increasing over the last two decades. Nowadays, there are regular eSports innovations that move the phenomenon up the scale of popularity. Statisticians see its success rate as a threat even to the universal sport – football. Who knows, a couple of years from now we could all be betting on our favourite gamers at the newly renovated sportsbooks.

eSports Video Games

Every game which allows conflict between two opposing sides and ends with a victory can qualify as an eSport. However, video game players tend to choose those which are normally the most popular in their community, such as Counter Strike, League of Legends, or Dota 2. In short, all three games require multi-player teams that clash their forces on the digital battlefield. The first game requires players to defeat the opponent by causing casualties among their team, while the other two games have a single character on target. Nonetheless, with their complex gameplay, neutralizing one character from the opponent's team seems like an easy task.

eSports Tournaments

What is interesting about this sport is the way it evolved. With the rise in Internet speed and computer processing capacity, video game players were able to weigh their skills against anyone else in the world. Streaming technology-enabled others to be silent witnesses of these combats. Ultimately, it led to the idea of a tournament between the best of the best. In a short time, this grew into regular events on a massive scale, taking up arenas and clogging traffic in major cities as gaming enthusiasts gathered to watch the match.

What Does It Take?

Just like any other novelty, eSports received as much praise as criticism. People's primary claim against this pastime was its qualification as a type of sport. After all, it had long been defined solely as the physical activity of the athlete. Still, careful analysis of the skill and knowledge required for these events proved it to be quite a demanding exercise of the person's mental capacity.

These players need to be able to multitask and perform over a hundred actions per minute, without losing focus of the overall battlefield situation. Moreover, regular updates should be part of their daily routine, as they need to master any alterations to the game without a decrease in their performance.

All in all, eSports and eSports betting are starting to look as demanding as any other, and a sequel is bound to get even more exciting.

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About the Author

Ava Carson resides in Chicago USA. Her education includes a master’s degree in business. She is an avid expert in online gambling. She holds the title of Chief Content Writer and Land Based Casino Manager. With the company since 2008, she is a team veteran and has watched the network grow from the ground up. Open-minded, she likes to think outside of the box and knows what players desire and crave.