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Sports Simulation Games

Max Wolff provides some advice on the best sports simulation games for a personal computer.

As fans of different kinds of sports, we are, more often than not, curious about the strategies implemented to make the teams and players behind our favourite games a success. And when the desire and passion for the game become too burning for us, we cultivate the urge to be in control of the players and teams that represent us. Thus turning into mavens of basketball, baseball, football, motorsports, or whatever competitive games aggressively clamour for our attention.

What are sport simulation games?

Sports simulation games are fantasy games that allow players to get as close to the reality that takes place in real-life competitions as possible. Let us take an example of a fantasy English Premier League.

In a real premier league, a group of 20 of the best teams from England and Wales is enrolled in seasonal premier league competitions. Each of the teams will play a total of 38 matches. Nineteen matches at home and nineteen games away against all the other competing teams.

If a team wins a match, they get 3 points. A draw means 1 point for each side, and a losing team receives no points. Consequently, the team with the most points at the end of the league is crowned the winner.

A simulation game of the premier league represents as close to reality as possible of what takes place in the real scenario. The game gives players a chance to act both as general managers and field managers. Thus, players are at liberty to choose the best formation, weather, among a plethora of other parameters that affect the game as teams compete against each other.

During their inauguration, sports simulation games relied on a roll of the dice and statistical cards for simulation. Thanks to the emergence and advancements in computers and video game technologies, simulation games are sophisticated. Current simulation games give gamers the liberty to pick players from the current roster or flash on history as much as they can.

Differences between sports simulation games and other esports

Sports simulation games are based on a combination of probability and real past statistics. The chance of a game taking a given direction is based on some assigned attributes that are coupled up with other random factors emerging during play. A load of statistics encoded in the game’s database compares with random numbers to generate results that approximate real-life situations. On the other hand, other esports are based on both luck and logic, with no real-life statistics associated with them. Furthermore, some are fictional and cannot take place in real life.

Additionally, unlike other esports like Dota that lets gamers instant sell Dota 2 items, most sports simulation games do not have skin wallets where players can amass different things and trade them for cash.

Best sports simulation PC games

Some of the leading titles in sports simulation games for PC include:

Football Manager

Football Manager is one of the most widely celebrated simulation PC games. Every year, the famous soccer coach game is upgraded to a better version detailed with better management tools and incorporated with more statistics.

For instance, the Football Manager 2019 version had VAR and goal-line technology introduced into the simulation play. On the other hand, Football Manager 2020 game added a new development centre where gamers can closely monitor and nature new talents. Other capabilities detailing the simulation include backroom staff, playing time pathway, better graphics, and club vision.

At the cost of USD 49.99, you can access the latest version of the game and take charge of 116 leagues spread across 51 nations.

Out of the Park Baseball

If you are a baseball maniac, then out of the prank baseball (OOTP 20) is one of the best go-to options where you can rewrite the past of 150 years of baseball history or glide into the future of your favourite baseball team.

In the shoes of a manager, OOP 20 is detailed with numerous features to enable gamers to built their teams the way they want. There are hundreds of animations and several workable strategies engineered from up-to-date MLB rosters, standings, ratings, among other statistics from which you can explore multiple tournaments.

For only USD 19.99, you can build the teams you want and start a new career in baseball.

Tennis Elbow Manager 2

If you ever envisioned playing a close to real-life tennis coach or take charge of some tennis tournament to hit the number one ranking in the world, then Tennis Elbow Manager 2 is the simulation for you. The game is detailed a full 3D match engine with nine different court surfaces, six difficulty levels, and seven camera modes.

As the most realistic tennis game, Tennis Elbow is also customized with world tour features that capture both men and women tours, 3500 players that evolve to ever 70 years back, more than 400 tournaments, a full ranking system, and much more.

At USD 29.99, you can take control of a tennis coach and escalate the ranks of a tennis court with new player strategies and realistic behaviours.

Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2020

At the general manager’s sport, you can fictionally steer your favourite basketball team to the top of the league, courtesy of Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2020. The simulation has everything designed with the player in mind, detailed with as many touches as possible to facelift a gamer’s experience.

For just USD 34.99, you can edit couches, add new players, and experience different eras of play at the comfort of your PC.

Draft Day Sports: Pro Golf

Pro golf is one of the latest simulation offerings from Draft Day Sports. Whether you are a casual or hardcore golf enthusiast, the game gives you the liberty to start your golfer from the grassroots levels, and develop your way up as you fill your trophy case with various awards, you bag along the way.

The game retails at USD 9.99, making it to the list of one of the most affordable yet sophisticated simulation PC games.

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