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Is Bingo more popular than Tennis?

Oliver Jones reviews the growth and popularity of Bingo.

While it may be easy for pundits to speculate that bingo is slowing down, figures have shown that it is getting popular. There are many new players out there, and they are coming out in full force to show that this is a hobby that is still making waves. It seems like UK players cannot get enough of this game, with plenty of them logging in and playing in bingo halls.

How does it compare to other Hobbies?

We are all about sports here, so let us take a look at how bingo compares to other sporting events. Over the last few years, the popularity of bingo has been sky-rocketing overtaking even some of the most popular sports. Within the UK, it is the sixth-largest pursuit if we class it as a sport.

Compared to tennis, more people regularly play a game of bingo as opposed to tennis. Around 1.7 million people in the UK are picking up their racket regularly, but 1.9 million are playing bingo. Of this, a large proportion of players are opting to win their jackpots online, as this sector now accounts for more than the land-based side of the business.

Just like other popular hobbies, bingo gets busier at different times of the year. In December, the bingo rooms have more members than any other time of year. This can be a great way for gamers to start racking up jackpots and saving up cash for Christmas. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, then check these new sites to see where you would like to play.

A Growing Industry

While other competitive sports may require expert equipment or advice, bingo is a growing industry that does not need either of these. Bingo sites are experiencing an influx of new players, with millions in the UK playing on a variety of sites. This is a stark contrast to sports, with fewer people than ever choosing to enjoy an active hobby regularly.

This may be symptomatic of the UK as a whole, as fewer of us are choosing to go out in favour of indoor activities. While it is not always healthy to do so, it is fine to opt for more sedentary hobbies in moderation. With mobile bingo games, it is still possible to be active while playing as they can be taken on the move too. There has even been a point made that bingo could be classified as an Olympic sport, as it relies on quick reactions and a lot of skill too.

Bingo has historically been very popular in the UK and although the way we are changing how exactly we play it, the game itself is largely the same. This is likely to stay a constant theme over the years, with new technologies affecting the industry as a whole. It is interesting to see that if bingo was classified slightly differently, it would be more popular than tennis. We wonder if this will overtake another sport soon.

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About the Author

Oliver Jones is a freelance journalist.