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Fulvic Acid & Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome

Mr. Tayyab provides an overview of Fulvic Acid and its benefits for your health.

The staggering impacts of adrenal fatigue are a comparatively new development in the course of the last 100 years of human wellbeing. Humans have to deal with stress every day. Our body's survival mechanism responds to stress through neuro-endo-metabolic (NEM) stress response which is embedded in every organ system of the body. This stress response enables us to handle everyday worries – from work deadlines to the death of a loved one.

The nutrient deficiency in the body can affect the stress response and may result in different symptoms. One reason for a malnourished and weak body is the depletion of trace minerals in the soil that brings an irregular balance in the body. The right dosage of fulvic acid supplement at the right time can help you regain the proper balance of nutrition in your body.

Overview of Fulvic Minerals

Fulvic minerals or fulvic acids are one of the two types of humic acid. Fulvic minerals contain all the nurturing properties that enable the earth to hold life in such amplitude. Fulvic acid is a component of soil that is discharged as organic substance decomposes. As this action takes place, a heap of immensely useful microbes is extricated authoring it as a standout amongst the soil's most chemically active compounds. Fulvic minerals are rich in a combination of fatty acids, flavonoids, hormones, ketones, vitamins, minerals, and a large group of other health-giving substances. Fulvic acid is a significant building block of all life that exists on this planet.

Depleted Soils

Plants absorb this soil compound, and these plants are then consumed by humans. Modern farming methods and chemicals have gravely diminished the levels of fulvic acid found in the soil. Present-day industrial practices have deprived the soil of valuable trace minerals as well as caused the plants stemmed in those soils to be unable to use the rest of the components. Yields developed in such an environment are naturally nutritionally lacking. On top of that, the food we eventually consume is highly processed, contributing to the further deterioration of the nutritional quality.

Fulvic Acid Benefits for Health

Fulvic acid assists the transportation of nutrients into and through cells letting to subdue lethargy, weakness, and fatigue. It has additionally been appeared to help the gastric, nervous system, and cardiac issues as well as a potent anti-stress agent. Fulvic acid also helps with the old age-related weakening of the body.

The food we eat, the air we breathe, and the water we drink contains different pollutants, heavy metals, and other injurious elements that continuously attack our bodies. With time, these harmful components will accumulate in our body's blood and fat cells, keeping the liver and adrenal organs from working appropriately. This reserve of toxins is one of the reasons for the distress and lethargy now related to adrenal fatigue syndrome (AFS).

Fulvic minerals due to their chemical catalytic nature are extremely beneficial for those suffering from AFS. Fulvic acid detoxifies herbicides and toxic pesticides from the body. These potent minerals support the formation of new ions that bond with pollutants such as herbicides and pesticides. This action catalyzes the collapse of these damaging toxins killing them from the body. Suppose your diet lacks the intake of fulvic acid. In that case, these dangerous components will increase in the body affecting liver and adrenals organs, therefore resulting in the incapacitating symptoms bound with AFS

If your diet lacks the intake of fulvic acid, these dangerous components will proliferate in the body affecting the liver and, therefore resulting in the incapacitating symptoms bound with AFS.

Fulvic Acid Supplements

In addition to natural sources of fulvic acid, the inherent benefits can also be obtained using an oral nutritional supplement of fulvic minerals. There are many supplement choices that you can add to your diet. Companies are now offering liquid supplements that come in oxidized protected bottles furnished with a dropper. These supplements are water-soluble and can be consumed by plants, humans, and animals.

AFS sufferers can use fulvic acid supplements but with care and a doctor's prescription. Advanced-stage AFS sufferers are generally frail and fragile. These nutritional supplements are effective in improving energy; however, they can likewise trigger adrenal clashes if the body is unable to endure them. Therefore, appropriate filtration and continual adjustment under expert care are proposed.

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Mr. Tayyab is a Freelance Journalist and writes about Nutrition and Minerals to help sportsmen and sportswomen.