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Anaemia Treatment

Joan Licup provides 10 Natural Treatments to Prevent Anemia.

Statistically, around 24.8% of the world's population is discovered suffering from anaemia. Most of the people experiencing the blood disorder were grouped as pre-school age children, teens, pregnant women, and patients with diseases. Some people acquire this disease due to a strict vegetarian diet, bacterial overgrowth, yeast overdose, acidity, and individuals who undergo surgical procedures.

As stated in biological terms, anaemia refers to a condition in which the production of red blood cells becomes impaired and deteriorated. Red blood cells play a vital role in the circulation and distribute oxygenated blood in the body. In exchange, it also carries carbon dioxide away from the body and eliminates it as a waste product.

Anaemia is a serious condition that people should be treated promptly and properly. It can vary from mild to severe disorder, depending on the type of the anaemic condition and vitamin deficiency. In this regard, it is vital to know the natural treatments to prevent anaemia. Here are interesting facts about treating anaemia naturally.

1. Increase Your Acidity Levels

Iron and B-vitamins are essential components of absorption. The parietal cells are responsible for secreting acids to increase the absorption rate process. You can boost the absorption rate process neutrally by eating foods with Vitamin C. Eating foods enriched with ascorbic acid may help maintain the acidity level and helps the body absorbs iron and B-vitamins. However, you should not take Vitamin C excessively so that it won't trigger gastrointestinal acid and stomach bloat.

2. Try a Food Elimination Diet

Autoimmune hemolytic anaemia occurs when the antibodies attack the red blood cells rather than the bacteria or viruses. In this case, the individual should consider the food elimination diet to avoid unnecessary food that the body cannot tolerate. You can perform this step for 2 to 3 weeks for the best results. The commonly gut allergy-triggering foods are nuts, corn, dairy, wheat, gluten, eggs, pork, and seafood.

3. Pursue an Anti-Inflammatory Meal

Our internal organs should be nourished with the proper nutrients for optimum function. For an anti-inflammatory meal, you should reduce your sugar intake to prevent body inflammation. Excessive sugar may result to stress in the metabolic processes. As much as possible, consume sugar-content food in minimum quantity only.

4. Take Iron and Vitamin B Supplements

Our physiological response helps the body absorb a higher rate of iron chemicals, which eventually supply the red blood cells with healthy nutrients. However, the body cannot produce iron that is why we need to consume foods constituting iron and vitamin B. These two chemical compounds have a great impact in nourishing our red blood cells. Remember, a healthy RBC will help the body to carry oxygenated blood throughout the system and releases carbon dioxide from the body as well. The best food sources for iron and Vitamin B 12 includes quinoa, lentils, squash, pasture-raised eggs, green leafy vegetables, nuts, dark chocolate, grass-fed beef, lamb, raw milk, raw cheese, yoghurt, and pasture-raised chicken.

5. Increase Your Folic Acid Levels

Anaemia can be categorized into several types depending on the root cause of the condition. An individual may suffer from anaemia due to a lack of folate in the body. In this case, the folic acid reduction may result in weak RBC production. These cells may yield a shorter lifespan. It is significant to concentrate on foods rich in Vitamin B9 (Folic acid) to increase the regeneration of the RBCs. The best food sources with folate substance include spinach, broccoli, almonds, avocados, cabbage, beetroot, egg yolk, organic beef, organic chicken liver, and lentils.

6. Eat Food Enriched with Iron and Protein

Lean red meat is an available source of iron and protein since this edible flesh is derived from agricultural animals. To have a healthy choice of meat, make sure to choose organically produced meat. How will you know if it is organic meat? Usually, agricultural animals are fed with grass and healthy food, hence, organic products are produced.

7. Boost Your Immune System through Probiotics

Probiotics are good and live bacteria constituting healthy components for your digestive system. Probiotic products are sufficient to keep your gut and spleen healthy. In this way, the individual may prevent having diseases that might cause internal bleeding, infections, and disorders.

8. Eat Fermented Foods

The fermented foods contain natural probiotics which promote a healthy gut, spleen, and stomach. It helps supply the gut, spleen, and stomach with healthy microorganisms to absorb nutrients efficiently such as B-vitamins, iron, zinc, copper, cadmium, folic acid, and more. Keeping your digestive tract, gut, and spleen healthy will help your body tolerate any infections and diseases.

9. Add Liver to Your Meal

The liver is a viable source of iron, protein, and B-vitamins. Also, it contains chromium, zinc, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, copper, selenium, and phosphorus. Based on the study, all of the foods consumed will go through the liver in which these components nourish the lining, and make the liver healthy, a reason why the liver is an excellent source of iron, protein, and B-vitamins. As a result, it helps improve health, prevents unwanted diseases, and keeps the red blood cells in their best shape.

10. Hydrate Your Body with Water

Keeping your body hydrated with enough water can benefit the individual to replenish its fluid and helps in blood circulation. The water components comprise oxygen and hydrogen, which can increase the oxygen levels in the bloodstream. Moreover, drinking water can eliminate the fats and non-soluble components that can block the bloodstream. It also neutralizes the nutrients inside the body for healthy living.

Health Facts: Prevention is better than cure

As the rule of thumb, treating your body right can avoid future health-related risks. By following these tips, you may able to keep your red blood cells healthy and abstain your body from any anaemic conditions. This blood disorder should be strictly addressed because a mild ailment can be triggered into a severe condition. Seeking professional advice from doctors is also a must to treat the condition immediately and properly.

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