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Impact of Sleep Deprivation

Mandy Bular provides an overview of some of the side effects to your health if you are not sleeping well at night.

We sleep at different times in the day, but sleep at night is most crucial for our health and wellbeing. If you do not get a peaceful sleep at night, the next morning, you will experience various issues such as drowsiness, headache, and lethargy. These are short-term effects, but the long-term effects are much more severe, and if not solved quickly may lead to serious health complications. The mattress on your bed plays a crucial role in sleep quality. If it is too soft, too firm, or not supportive enough, you will feel uncomfortable, and thus, sleep will elude you.

Let us take a look at the adverse effects of a low-quality mattress on your health.

Premature Aging

Did you know that low sleep quality can make you look older than you are? When you do not get complete rest at night and wake up many times, you are bound to stay awake longer. Each time your sleep cycle breaks, it takes a certain amount of time to reach the same level of deep sleep. If this continues for months, then you will notice dark circles under your eyes. A study has proven that women who get 8 hours of undisturbed sleep look much younger than other ladies in the same age group.


During the afternoon, especially after lunch, we all feel a little tired, and there is nothing abnormal about it. However, if you sleep all night and yet do not feel fresh in the morning, then there must be some issues with your mattress. Excessive drowsiness affects your productivity at the office, and if you do not get proper sleep for several nights, then your brain will not function accurately.

You should be able to get on the bed and sleep within 30 minutes. If it is taking more than 30 minutes because you are not feeling comfortable, then invest in a new mattress. Go through nectar reviews to learn the importance of buying a quality mattress.

Back Pain

This is the number one negative effect of sleeping on a bad mattress. When you use the same mattress for many years, it loses its shape and support. Thus, your body, especially the back portion, does not get appropriately aligned with the bed, which results in back pain. It would be best if you bought a soft yet supportive mattress so that your back remains in a comfortable position throughout the night.


When you stay up all night because of the trouble given by your mattress, you feel hungry and start eating whatever you may have late at night. Even if you are cautious and do not believe in compensating sleep with food, you should be careful. If you feel hungry during the daytime, without any increase in your daily physical activity level, then you should change your old mattress.


You will experience many other health complications if you keep sleeping on an aged mattress that cannot provide your body with enough support during sleep. It is better to visit a local bedding store and buy a mattress that complements your body and sleeping posture perfectly.

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