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Recovery from a Sports Injury 

Jen Randowska provides some tips to help you recover from a sports injury.

Sports injuries are quite often among active people, and they can be very frustrating. However, if they are not treated with all the required attention and care, a minor injury can become more serious. So, if you are feeling you must go for a run, but your knee still hurts, you should keep your desires in check.

Even more, an injury that did not have the time to heal properly can be reversed by early physical activity. This is why it is essential to focus on recovery and take things slow. I know it can be a nightmare and, while you are at home waiting for the body to heal, you are losing precious time at the gym or training.

But believe me when I say, if you are forcing yourself, the repercussions can be worse than the injury! Also, the recovery period allows you to improve your mental strength and, in some cases, your body strength.

If you feel like you are going crazy during your recovery, below, you can find several tips that have helped other athletes and me.

Do Not Walk It Off

You can walk off being sore (and you should), but when you are feeling real pain, you should go and get it checked out. If the pain starts small, you can wait and see how it will develop, but if it does not go away after a few days, you should not wait any longer before getting it checked.

I know that for some of us, it is difficult to accept the fact that we too have limitations when it comes to physical activity. But, with proper care and a bit of time, you can quickly expand your limits and improve.

Do Not Self-Medicate

Pain like the one you feel from a strained muscle may go away with painkillers, but this is a temporary solution as it will return stronger. Sports injuries should be treated with the gravity they deserve; otherwise, they may lead to permanent damage.

If the injury requires it, work with a doctor, as they will be able to prescribe a good set of exercises for your rehabilitation period. You should also hire a trainer or ask your friends to help you work out according to the recommendations you received from the doctor.

Do Not be Too Comfortable

Some injuries will have you on bed rest for a while, but it is important to think about your health even in this situation. If the bed is too soft or the mattress has lumps, you will not have the proper back support, and you will end up with back pain as well. For people who must stay in bed for prolonged periods, the memory foam mattress is the best choice. It will not speed up your recovery, but it will offer the proper support, so you will not get more pain.

Eat Right

Just because you are in recovery does not mean you can get sloppy with your diet. You should be even stricter with the type of nutrients that enter your body! High-quality foods like vegetables, greens, lean meats, and fruits will help your body regenerate faster.

Also, ask the doctor if you can take supplements like glutamine (for joint rebuilding). Keep in mind that everything you eat can be useful in speeding things up. If you start feeling sorry for yourself and drown your sorrow in alcohol and sugar-rich foods, both your recovery and your shape will suffer.

So, if you have a sports injury, do not ignore it hoping the pain will go away! The more effort you put on the injured limb, the more it will aggravate the injury, making the recovery period longer! See a doctor and make sure to explain precisely how the inured happened.

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About the Author

Jen Randowska is a happy downshifter who experiences life outside the box. She used to work at Sears, but she gave it up to become a freelance writer. Jen is passionate about farming, wildlife, travel, and well-being.