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The Right Mattress

Silvia Watson explains why sleeping on the right mattress is essential for your health.

Usually, a standard mattress will last you for a lifetime! According to Consumer Reports, a decent mattress should last you for a decade. However, plenty of people ends up using cheap and low-end mattresses. Naturally, that does not last long! To both your ignorance and surprise, it might lead to health hazards.

It is of paramount importance to sleep on the right mattress. A cheap and low-quality one might result in the following problems.

It might result in allergies

Are you aware that your mattress generally collects sebum, dust mites, dust, and even dead skin cells? These live on dead skin cells. You will not be able to see the dust mites as it is microscopic. In addition to that, it might result in lung damage, sore throat, discomforting allergies, and even eczema. It would help if you did more than merely replace mattress covers and sheets. You ought to change your mattress the moment you find it poor quality.

You will hurt your back with a cheap mattress

Usually, mattresses form curves and dips with your body curvature, taking place over time. And more so when you sleep on a specific side of the bed and in a particular position! It might cause muscle tension and also hurt your back. When you sleep, you need to recover from the day-long stress. However, a low-quality mattress will only aggravate things.

You might develop insomnia

A pertinent question common with people suffering from insomnia is how to sleep better! In some instances, the root of the matter is to do with a poor-quality mattress. Insomnia is the inability to sleep, and if this prolongs, it might result in many health hazards. Though sometimes insomnia results from psychological and environmental factors, there are instances when you can blame your cheap mattress.

A weak immune system

Let us face it! You are surely not getting proper sleep when on a low-quality mattress. A relaxed sleep helps the body repair, function better, and replenish your being. And if this continues, then you would end up having a weak immune system. Similarly, disturbed sleep leaves you feeling drained fatigued and gradually affects your immune system. It is where you get prone to cold and other ailments. So, once you change the mattress, you automatically shift to better health.

Your memory retention might just be affected

While asleep, you enter into a state of REM, i.e., Rapid Eye Movement. It is the time when memories are created in the brain. So, when you are not having a relaxed, deep sleep, your brain cannot do its job in creating those memories, which might ultimately result in poor memory retention. If you are a student, this will affect you the most. Sleep longer on a poor-quality mattress, and you will be affected by poor memory.

So, wondering what the solution is? It is simple. Sleeping on a high-end mattress is crucial. Besides mere relaxation, it keeps you away from multiple physical and mental discomforts. So, get yourself the best mattress today. Get a decent, high-quality mattress and say goodbye to all these health hazards.

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