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Popularity of Lacrosse in the USA

Amelia Johnson explains why Lacrosse is the new booster in high school athletics.

According to the Wall Street Journal, there has been exponential growth in the number of kids opting to play lacrosse over other sports in the last decade in the United States. The report[1] indicates that the number of children playing other traditionally significant sports like basketball and football is declining at a substantial rate.

Lacrosse, to those who might be new to the game, is a team sport, played by kids, men and women. It is performed using a lacrosse stick and a lacrosse ball. The head of the lacrosse stick is used by players to pass, carry, catch and shoot the lacrosse ball into the goal. Lacrosse is both an indoor and outdoor game.

United States Lacrosse estimates that above 750,000 thousand people played lacrosse in the year 2014. The number of children opting to play lacrosse, due to its many advantages, has increased in number for the last decade. High schools are recording high numbers of students participating in the competition. NCCCA reports that lacrosse is the fastest-growing sport with over 36,000 students playing the game at a collegial level. Most of these students hone their interests and expertise in high school.

Data obtained from United States Lacrosse body suggests that the number of boys joining lacrosse grew by 47%. The number of girls playing the sport rose by closer rate to that of boys at 43.1%. Besides, NCCA reported that men's lacrosse programs grew by 24% over the last 20 years.

Reports by the National Federation of State High School Association affirm that lacrosse is girls' most popular sport. The findings[2] add that lacrosse participation among girls and boys countrywide rose by more than 7,700 athletes in 2017. The sport's popularity keeps growing every day.

There are several contributing factors to this new phenomenon in the United States high schools. Among them are:

Lacrosse's rising demand among the youth has boosted its popularity over the years. United States Lacrosse estimates that in Illinois, youth participation in the sport grew by 69% between 2009 to 2014. Wall Street Journal approximates football is considerably becoming unpopular among the children as they opt for lacrosse.

As more children join the sport, they enter the programs then later high school lacrosse teams. After graduation from high school, they extend their love for the game to college and eventually become fans after college. This has contributed to the growing fan base and new participants in the sport.

Lacrosse encourages the participation of students, regardless of gender or age. Boys and girls alike have equal opportunities to hold the lacrosse stick and participate in the competition. For the record, there is a Lacrosse Women's World Cup. The sport has gained popularity across 25 countries which ensures that there is steady support for the competition worldwide. This has been a motivation for the students joining lacrosse programs in high schools.

Lacrosse extends the opportunity to receive scholarships at universities. The athletics teens are more assured of the scholarship basing on the fact that lacrosse sports scholarship competition is not as steep as the rest of the sports. This has contributed to parents backing their children to take part in the game at the high school level.

Additionally, lacrosse ranks highest among the sports with the highest graduation rate at 88% for men and 94% for women.

Lacrosse is more appealing to the spectators compared to other sports. A game with little energy, will bore the fans and over time, its popularity will dwindle. Lacrosse is known to be a high-energy sporting activity.

There are many goals scored at a single match, which is a motivation to fans loving the game even more. Lacrosse allows all the plays a chance to participate in the sport regardless of their experience. This fact has made the game popular among parents as their children will have an opportunity to engage in a sporting activity in high school.

Registration of lacrosse to the relevant association has further escalated its popularity. In Utah, lacrosse was sanctioned by UHSAA. This meant that registered programs could receive funding from the schools' district. In Illinois State, lacrosse has been endorsed by IHSA[3]. This is to the motivation of players and directors of the lacrosse programs. Sanctioning of lacrosse means more confidence to players and parents of the students participating in lacrosse.

Live television coverage of lacrosse competition has increased its fan base. This has escalated its popularity. Many kids watching the game from home develop an interest in the sport, and upon joining high school, they reach out for lacrosse stick for a throw or a pass. The trend keeps growing as parents encourage their children to participate.

Lacrosse is not prone to injuries. Head injuries have been rampant among football players. This trend has affected football negatively, and parents have become cautious of their children attending the sport for fear of getting injured. Lacrosse offers a better alternative with equal hype and physical fitness qualities[4]. This has led to many high school students joining the sport. Some are heeding the advice of their parents while others are participating in the love of the games.

Lacrosse is indiscriminative of body size. This leaves students with smaller body physique out with nowhere to exercise their talent and maintain their health and physically fit. Lacrosse, on the other hand, allows participation for both prominent and small-bodied students. This translates to students having a chance to practice, and one can work for a shot on a collegial scholarship.


What was a major exceptional sport for prep schools in New York and Maryland has spread to public schools, Middle America, and inner cities. The popularity of the game can only keep growing. Its reputation is heading towards the mainstream as NCAA lacrosse championships keep forming a loyal fan base and many professional leagues being created.



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