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Ripped Forearms

Joe Fleming provides a five-minute workout for ripped forearms.

When the girl you like at work needs help opening a tough bottle or a jar, she will naturally go to the guy with the biggest forearms. Do you not you want to be that guy? Read on to learn how to get massive forearms by working out for just five minutes, two or three times a week.

Forearms are the only large muscle group that gets attention year-round. No matter whether you have shirt-ripping guns or perfectly shaped abs, during winter and fall, you have to cover them with long-sleeve clothes and bulky coats. When indoors, however, you can wear short sleeves or roll up your sleeves to show your ripped forearms any time of the year.

There is more than just the aesthetic beauty of having muscular forearms. They will improve your grip strength and help you lift heavier weights in proper form, i.e. without having to cheat or compensate with your other muscles. In short, strong forearms can help you get a strong upper body faster.

Your forearms are directly or indirectly involved when performing many exercises for other muscle groups such as barbell curl, hammer curl, chin-ups, lat pull down, and so on. Because of this, many people just do not work out their forearms, while some feel like they have hit a barrier and cannot grow their forearms no matter how hard they train. Here is the good news, no matter which category you fall under, this five-minute workout will burn the heck out of your forearms.

These are five-step condensed forearm workouts for a busy schedule that consist of different exercises performed back to back to get the maximum benefit.

Step 1 - Reverse wrist curl

Grab an empty barbell and start rolling the bar with your wrists bending backwards. You have to do that for one minute without stopping. If at some point you feel that you need to stop, take a short break and continue to complete the exercise until you hit the sixty-second mark. This part of the exercise works out the exterior of your forearm.

Step 2 - Towel hang

This exercise can be done with either one towel or two. If you are using one towel, make sure it is strong enough to hold your weight. Wrap a towel over a pull-up bar, and grab it from each side or wrap to towels on a pull-up bar, about your shoulder-width apart, and grab both ends in each hand. Lift your feet off the ground and try to hang for one minute. If the bar is high enough, try to keep your arms straight. Remember, the closer you are to the bar, the easier it is, which makes it an ideal starting point for beginners. You can gradually keep going farther down from the bar to increase the intensity. This is a tough exercise and can build strength very quickly.

Step 3 -  Barbell wrist curl

Immediately return to the bar but this time, roll the barbell by rotating your wrists towards your thighs. Try to curl for one minute; you can stop for a brief moment if you must. This exercise works more on your flexor muscles.

Step 4 - Farmer's carry

Your forearms will be feeling the heat by now, but without any delay, grab the heaviest dumbbells you can and perform the farmers carry for one minute. Usually, this is an easy exercise, and you will be able to lift extremely heavy dumbbells. However, at this point, your forearms are already exhausted, and you might not lift as heavy. But that is not the goal anyway; the goal is to carry the heaviest dumbbells for one minute without stopping. You do not need a lot of space to walk around. You can take a couple of steps back and forth if you are in a space-challenged place.

Step 5 - Alternating wrist curl

This is the last step. Once you are done with farmer's carry, go back to the empty barbell and finish off with alternating wrist curl. You can either do regular wrist curl for 30 seconds and then switch to reverse curl or alternate between the two. At this point, your forearms should be burning like anything but try to complete the exercise for a full minute. Gradually, you will be able to do it for longer than one minute, but try to increase the weight a little bit instead of doing it for more than one minute.


You can do this workout routine twice or even three times a week, in addition to your regular exercises, even if you work out your forearms - the only trick is to exercise without stopping. The best thing about this exercise is that it does not take long, but you will start seeing the results in a matter of weeks.

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