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Which Golf Ball?

Stephen Hamilton provides advice on the appropriate golf ball for you to play with.

What do players want in a golf ball? There are a few things that you would expect, including control, spin, feel, and, most importantly, distance. Probably, changing to another ball would be the last thing you could think of when you are hoping to increase the range of your shot. However, it works!

In this article, we will explain how a ball can influence the distance and share our top ideas of the longest golf ball for you.

What Characteristics Define Ball's Distance?

Distance off the tee is one of the first things golfers are striving for, and there are a few methods to increase this distance. Of course, different clubs can influence this indicator, as well as the style of playing, but not many golfers realize that their golf balls can also increase the distance. What makes one ball longer than the other one? There are several factors to consider:

  • Hard materials and feel – in general, the harder the golf ball, the longer would be the distance it flies. Besides, the same applies to the materials it is made of. If the outside layer of your ball is made of Surlyn, it will be harder and provide a long distance.
  • Compression – this factor depends on your swing. If you make a slower swing, then balls with lower compression would give you a long distance. And, if you prefer higher swing speed, you should opt for balls with higher compression.
  • Piece/Layer Construction – best for distance are two-piece balls.
  • Price – while more expensive balls tend to focus mainly on control and spin, cheaper ones are best for distance.

Longest Golf Balls: Top Picks

Among all golf supplies, balls might seem the least significant ones. However, this is not quite true. While a beginner may neglect their role on the course, a real pro knows that high-quality balls can contribute to the overall performance.

If you want to hit further, here are a few great picks for you:

Best Of All - Titleist Velocity

If you are an experienced player, you should know that Titleist is among the leading brands that offer golf balls and their Velocity balls are designed specifically for long-distance. It is our number 1 choice of distance balls.

  • Good feel at impact
  • Durability
  • Low spin rate
  • Is not affected by the wind
  • Surlyn cover
  • Two-piece
  • Longest ball available on the market today

Cheapest – Wilson Ultra 500 Distance

Looking for long-distance but not willing to spend too much on a golf ball? Then this is a perfect pick for you.

  • Durability
  • Surlyn cover
  • Two-piece
  • High energy core
  • Low price for a pack of 15
  • Opportunity to personalize
  • The best cheap distance ball

Best For Seniors - Volvik DS-55

Senior players have special needs in terms of golf supplies, and this is the best ball option for them.

  • Low compression
  • Vibrant colours (three options available)
  • Hardcover
  • Two-layer
  • Surlyn cover
  • Perfect distance

Best For Women – Bridgestone Lady Precept

This option offers quite many benefits, and it is designed specifically for female golfers.

  • Low compression
  • Less backspin
  • Two-layer
  • Three colour options
  • Soft inner core
  • Hardcover

Best Value – Noodle Long & Soft

This is our last pick of long golf balls. It has quite many pros and offers perfect value for money – a great option to consider.

  • Low spin rate
  • Dimple design
  • Less curve
  • Two-piece
  • Surlyn outer layer
  • Long
  • Best value for money

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About the Author

Stephen Hamilton is a golf blogger and contributor for various sports sites.