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Low Testosterone

Mr. Tayyab explains how to treat low testosterone in men.

Both men and women produce testosterone in their bodies. It is vitally important for the phenomena of puberty and fertility. It is also a variable that defines sexual desire. In men's bodies, testosterone is found in testes while in women, it is found in ovaries.

It is a hormone that adds masculinity to a man's body. Characteristics such as deep voice, muscular physique, and facial hair are attributed to the development of this particular hormone in the body. A body experiences the highest production of testosterone in early adulthood and as age starts to decline, so do the testosterone levels by 1% - 2% a year.

Men start facing low levels of testosterone in their 40's. As they enter their 50's, they will experience symptoms such as reduced libido, decreased muscle mass, the decline in energy, weight surplus, impotence, and anaemia. The decrease in testosterone levels is a natural part of ageing; however, several testosterone treatments are available that can help men restore low levels.

In addition to reaching out to medicinal treatments, men need to take care of their diet and make specific changes in their lifestyles. Weight watching and exercising are two factors that can bring considerable change. Exercise such as weightlifting contributes to a temporary increase in testosterone levels. Usually, young men will experience higher levels due to exercising than older men. Similarly, weight loss exercises such as cardiovascular exercise can bring down the extra weight, consequently increasing the levels of testosterone.

Testosterone Boosters

Let us get a bit technical now. When weightlifting and weight control do not work, there are herbal supplements available in the market that are testosterone boosters. These boosters claim to have an ingredient that adds up to the levels of testosterone. However, make sure that these boosters are FDA regulated.

Testosterone Food

Some foods are accredited for moderating testosterone levels. Foods that are rich in zinc and vitamin D help keeping your testosterone levels normal. Tuna, low-fat milk, egg yolks, fortified cereals, oysters, beef, shellfish, and beans are some testosterone boosting foods that can help you consume vitamins and nutrients valuable to maintain your testosterone at a healthy level.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

People with unusually low levels of testosterone can get benefited from this therapy. Deficient levels of testosterone not only affect the sexual drive but also disturb other normal body functions. This is dealt with with testosterone medication. This testosterone medication is in the form of pills, gel, and patches that one applies to the skin and liquid that is injected into one's body. It not only helps maintain healthy levels of testosterone but also eliminates the symptoms of low testosterone.

Testosterone Injections

Testosterone injections are incredibly helpful for men with low testosterone. These injections help balance male hormone levels and deal with low-T issues. Their benefits include improved symptoms of ED, enhanced mood, better energy, increased sex drive, and better sperm count.

Testosterone decrease with age is a natural process. However, in some men, the levels are reduced alarmingly, which then calls for treating the symptoms. Treatments are easily accessible; however, it is essential to consult a doctor for appropriate diagnosis and medication. 

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About the Author

Mr. Tayyab is a Freelance Journalist who writes about Nutrition and Minerals to help athletes.