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Steps to Take to Increase Protein Synthesis for Bodybuilding Benefits

Sarah explains how to increase protein synthesis for better muscle growth.

Sometimes, when you know you need alternatives to build muscle or lose fat, but the claims some make are too good to be true. It is simple to work out it is more sensible to give it a miss with a wide swerve. Even so, occasionally, something new on the market creates a buzz so loud, it is easy to believe whatever claims they are making must be true. However, the truth is, you can still get leaner and put on muscle mass by sticking to the basics, and that is when you need to work on getting more protein.

Why Is Protein Important?

It is vital to increase your protein intake to gain lean muscle, but at the same time, you need to understand the role protein synthesis plays in muscle growth. Your body stores protein through the process called protein synthesis, and the more protein it can store, the higher the chances of you gaining muscle. The truth is that your body is continuously using protein to make hormones and handle other bodily functions. Therefore, it is of immense importance to replenish your used-up protein reserves as soon as possible. Here is what you can do in this regard.

Eat As Per Your Body Weight

Experts believe that you eat at least a gram of protein for each pound of your body weight. It means that if you are a 160-pound man, you should be consuming at least 160g of protein every day. And you can get this much protein from 8oz of chicken breast, a roast-beef sandwich, a cup of cottage cheese, a glass of milk, and a couple of ounces of peanuts. Once you get that much protein, you can divide the rest of your daily calories between fats and carbs.

Try Protein Shakes

Another great way to increase your protein intake quickly is to drink protein shakes before your workouts. Experts are of the view that you will increase your protein synthesis considerably by drinking a pre-workout shake containing carbs and amino acids. The shake you drink should at least have 6g of essential amino acids and 35g of carbs.

Drinking a shake would help because your increase your blood flow during exercise, and that means more carbs-protein mixture is likely to reach your muscle tissues. Be sure to drink shake at least 60 minutes before you start your workout.

Take SARMs

Many people think SARMs are steroids, but that is not the case because they do not have a strong androgenic effect as in the case of steroids. But, taking SARMs drugs can directly help increase your protein synthesis and increase your chances of building muscle effectively.


Whether you stock up on oranges, eggs, rice, or turkey or down a handy milkshake 2 hours before you head to the gym, you can get the gains you are after and keep them. Although it may be tempting to go most for what is handy and meals that are fast and simple to prepare, work towards including a wide variety and balance in your choice of pre-workout carbs, fruits, and proteins. Take SARMs if you want, but be sure to learn more about them first, and for that, you can read on HealthEd Academy.

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