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Astaxanthin - The Secret For Aging Skincare

Julian Gnatenco explains how to care for your skin to maintain its fresh look for as long as possible.

It is no secret that every woman would like to stay forever young. In the modern world, we can observe more and more celebrities who look almost two times more youthful than their biological age is. Many scientists are sure that the answer is simple – astaxanthin.

What Is Astaxanthin?

Astaxanthin is an organic antioxidant, an aqueous carotenoid, and a red pigment in salmon and krill meat. If you take it regularly, your body gets a strong healing effect. Its main action is to stimulate the immune system, anti-inflammatory effects, and counteracting cellular oxidation.

Living things get the substances necessary for metabolism in two ways: from outside sources or generate them on their own. If other animals, plants, or microorganisms with high astaxanthin content are included in the diet of an animal, then a large concentration of this substance will also be observed in its tissues.

Astaxanthin is a natural supplement that you can add to your daily ration. Let us explore the ways to get enough Astaxanthin for your body to remain healthy and young.

Fish meat

It is more efficient and most natural to replenish Astaxanthin with the help of numerous representatives of the salmon family. The red-dyed fish types are the most abundant natural source of Astaxanthin. By the way, it is thanks to the substance under consideration that the salmon, shrimp, chum, and trout meat have a characteristic red colour.

Fruits and vegetables

Vegetarianism is one of the options to maintain health and prolong youth. Unfortunately, vegans are struggling to replenish the supply of Astaxanthin in the body in a natural way.

Although this antioxidant is present in many vegetables and fruits, both exotic like mango, guava, acai berry, and quite common ones – cranberries and blueberries, its concentration in these products is negligible. That is why you need to consider taking Astaxanthin in pills.

Astaxanthin as a treatment

Various companies are creating farms for growing red microalgae, from which biologically active additives based on highly concentrated Astaxanthin are produced. As a result, the intake of such capsules is practically the only possible way to quickly and cheaply obtain the necessary daily dose of a useful antioxidant.

Although vitamin C is used for cosmetic purposes, Astaxanthin is 6,000 times ahead of vitamin A due to its protective properties! This antioxidant helps to improve skin condition and prevent the development of various diseases. Moreover, it takes care of the skin and cells from the inside, rejuvenating the whole body in both external and internal ways.

Today, more than 60 varieties of carotenoids are known, most of which can be included in the daily diet. But it is Astaxanthin that is remarkable as its effectiveness is significantly superior to similar substances. If you want to know more, here is an article that talks about astaxanthin benefits.

The Best Way to Stay Young Is to Avoid Sun

It is scientifically proven that excessive sun can severely damage your skin. When ultraviolet rays get on the skin, they penetrate its deep layers, destroying cells. You can notice it after visiting the beach when the skin turns red and becomes covered with painful blisters. However, these are only superficial signs of a burn.

Irreversible damage also occurs in the deeper layers of the skin. Cells die, burned out by ultraviolet light. The skin, covered with wrinkles and age spots, ages and becomes lifeless. Such changes are almost irreversible.

After receiving a burn once, the skin can no longer repair cells on its own. With subsequent sunshine, destruction is exacerbated. Scientists argue that there is no stronger protection against ultraviolet radiation than Astaxanthin.

As a natural pigment, the Astaxanthin penetrates every cell of the skin, protecting it from sunburn. According to Healthcare Weekly, with regular use of Astaxanthin, the skin acquires a hint of light tan, which is an indicator of cell saturation with carotenoids. From now on, you can fearlessly sunbathe.

The multifunctional effect of Astaxanthin is shown at all levels. Being not only an antioxidant itself, but it also stimulates the production of natural antioxidants by the body.

It has a significant impact on health since a lack of natural antioxidants provokes the development of various neurodegenerative disorders. It also impairs metabolism and promotes early ageing of the skin and weakening kidney function.

Take a Little Step to a Massive Skin Condition Improvement

Astaxanthin can protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation. Studies have shown that among all the substances analyzed, Astaxanthin has the best photoprotective properties. If you take at least 2 mg of Astaxanthin daily for two weeks, you will note a significant improvement in your skin quality:

  • Reduction of wrinkles of all types;
  • Giving the skin a healthy shade;
  • Increasing smoothness and elasticity of the skin;
  • Removal of puffiness;
  • Reduction of age spots.

It has a compound effect and combats the degradation of skin collagen and, at the same time, reduces the production of melanin. Thus, astaxanthin-based dietary supplements have gained considerable popularity not only among athletes and lovers of a healthy lifestyle but also among people for whom their external attractiveness plays a significant role.

Long Youth – Is It a Gift of Genes and Luck?

Although it would not be false to say that genetics usually impacts ageing, Harvard scholars have challenged this widespread myth. Examining the data of women of different age and ethnic groups, they identified those who looked much younger for their age. It turned out that 10% of women do not have a unique set of DNA that does not allow ageing; they were distinguished by way of life.

Thus, youth can be prolonged if a person monitors biorhythms, nutrition, and personal care. The main factors of skin care have always been aimed at protecting against ultraviolet rays and moisturizing the skin. Surprisingly, Astaxanthin manages this, and even more.

Astaxanthin is not a “magic pill” that can relieve all ailments or replace the traditional medication, though it has a strengthening effect on various systems of the body. It serves as a useful aid in the fight against skin ageing and prolongs your youthful look. Adding Astaxanthin to your daily routine, both in foods and as a cosmetic treatment, can drastically change your look, your health and contribute a lot to the table.

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About the Author

Julian Gnatenco has been working in the healthcare industry for more than two decades. He loves writing about health and wellness topics. He is also the owner of a medical billing company out of Chicago, Il.