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Travel Ideas For The Health Nut In You

Daniel Dohman looks at the options for those of you who like a healthy holiday.

If you are all about your health, and it is something that is on your mind all the time, it makes sense that your travel plans are going to revolve around it as well. From ocean to ocean, there are plenty of options to choose from when you are considering taking a healthy holiday.

Take a Trip To Thailand

The Chanthaburi Fruit Festival is a beautiful experience for both vegans and those who like staying healthy and travelling. The fruit festival is in Somdej Pra Chao TakSin Maharat Public Park and sports, agricultural wonders from all over the region. Fruits like mangosteen, dragon fruit, and jackfruit are found during the festival. If you are someone who regularly consumes fruit, or you are on a raw diet, it makes for the perfect visit. You will likely find a large variety of foods that you have never tasted before, and you will develop renewed vigour in being a raw eater. Even if you include meat in your diet, there is no reason you should not expand your fruit “vocabulary”, and inform yourself about various cultures.

Visit a Fitness Resort

If you are new to the world of becoming fit, and you are looking to become a healthier version of yourself, a weight-loss resort might suit you. They offer the option of getting away from the world and enjoying your stay while being healthy. If you are not sure where to find fitness resorts, the professionals at FitStays offer a comprehensive list of sites available in the United States. No matter which state you are in, you will likely find a resort near you among the options they have listed. Fitness resorts can also double as a vacation, and if you are looking to go down south for the winter, they will offer you a healthy, warm, and fun experience.

Run a Marathon For Anyone

If you are looking for a great place to visit and engage in a healthy activity, then Victoria, British Columbia (Canada) is the place for you. Victoria is located on Vancouver Island, but boasts a small population, making it the optimal get away from city life. They also have the annual Victoria Marathon, which anybody can enter. The marathon had around 8500 finishers, and while that seems like a more significant number of people, it is relatively small compared to other marathons. You will be able to enjoy the picturesque old town feel of Victoria and engage in some healthy activity. If you are a runner who does not want to deal with the city crowd, this is a great location.

Trekking Across Mongolia

Mongolia is the least densely populated country in the world, having only a population of around 3 million people. If you are looking for an escape from all of the busy places in your life, visiting Mongolia should be on your to-do list. Along with the lack of a vast population, hiking and camping in Mongolia is a major tourist attraction. If hiking and adventuring across a country that has both mountains, and deserts, Mongolia is the answer. You will not want to bring your cell phone here, the only thing you will need to keep yourself occupied is being active and enjoying the natural scenery this country has to provide you.

Ride Your Bike in Amsterdam

While Amsterdam in the Netherlands might not be the first thought that pops into your head when it comes to healthy travel ideas, it is undoubtedly a good option. Amsterdam is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. It is a place full of culture and people, and you do not necessarily need to be somewhere remote to be healthy. You will be able to visit Amsterdam and enjoy all of the tourist attractions, all the while riding your bicycle to get everywhere. You will bump up your cardio and reduce the number of carbon emissions you are leaving in the world.

Go Camping in the Red Deer River Conservation Area

Sporting nearly 1.5 million acres, the Red Deer River Conservation Area in Alberta, Canada, is a vast park. It provides a way for you to go camping in the natural frontier. You will be able to go hiking, camping, and canoeing, staying active and breathing in the fresh air without having to worry about pollution. If you are visiting at the right time of year, there will be plenty of blueberries for you to munch on if you are a fruit fanatic. All of the fees that are collected get placed back into maintaining the conservation area so that it will be money well spent. Be healthy, and feel good about what you are doing for the environment.

The Healthiest Country in the World

Spain was named the healthiest country in the world as of 2019, and there are loads of reasons why. If you are visiting any marketplace, or even a grocery store location, there is a big chance that the fruits and vegetables are still grown locally and are fresh. Supermarkets tend to purchase meat locally as well (if you are not vegan) and offer a more refreshing alternative than the types of farming provided elsewhere. If you want to go to a country that supports local farmers and fresh food, then you should be touring Spain. You will be contributing to the local economy and feeding your health simultaneously.


Travelling and being healthy during your vacation time is possible. If you like to eat healthily and be active, there are most definitely places all around the world to visit to complement your lifestyle. From fruit festivals, fitness resorts, and marathons, to visiting some of the quietest areas, to busy cities, there is going to be a good location that meets your needs. Do some research and find out what suits your budget, find out if you want to eat healthier, or you want to be active. Identify some of the healthiest countries in the world and find out how they are going to help you. Decide on your optimal location and enjoy your healthy travels.

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Daniel Dohman works as a sports coach focusing on introducing different sports to kids, teens, and young adults. Aside from teaching his clients how to play and compete in a specific sport, Daniel also incorporates proper nutrition into his clients’ lifestyle. Daniel believes that regularly playing sports and sticking to a healthy diet is essential to living healthily. During his free time, Daniel contributes content to health and sports websites.