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Sport or Not - Major eSports Events 2020

Josh Buttler discusses the popularity of eSports events.

It is impossible to deny the popularity of eSports as we have reached 2020. Popularity speaks for itself, and we might even start some eSports coaching, but until then, we enjoy watching others play. If you have not yet discovered the entertainment value of eSports, then it is about time.

Events are held across the globe, and there are a few particular ones to look for this year. Some of these events carry enormous prize money, and major companies are starting to live stream specific tournaments -  so you should keep an eye out for this.

Without further ado, let us get right into the most popular events due to take place in 2020

FIFA eWorld Cup

FIFA is an immensely popular game that is played on multiple gaming devices, and this popularity has led to the FIFA eWorld Cup taking centre stage in 2020. While the exact date of the event has not yet been announced, it will take place around August time.

If the popularity of this game was not enough to symbolize the significance of the event, we should also point out that the number of contenders is expected to be in the millions. Preliminary rounds will be taking place for several months in the build-up to the event, and the main event will potentially be shown on mainstream TV.

League of Legends World Championship

This enormous event is likely to take place out East, in China. Much like the FIFA eWorld Cup, the dates have not yet been set in stone. However, the format of hosting multiple preliminary rounds will remain the same. If you are unfamiliar with League of Legends, it is a rather tactical game that can be played as an individual or part of a team, and you will have control over mythical creatures to defeat the opposition.

This is the short of it, but there are hidden gems of this game that gamers all over the world enjoy - hence the thousands of downloads!

Capcom Cup

The Capcom cup stems from the hugely popular arcade game, Street Fighter. Depending on your age, you may or may not be familiar with this old-time classic! Yet with characters performing precision punches, unleashing special abilities, and roundhouse kicks that seem to defy gravity - this cup is sure to entertain.

This cup will be held over two days, on July 4th and July 5th. It will be held in the Dominican Republic, so competitors of this event have an exotic location to go ahead and show the world their gaming abilities.

Prelims are expected to start in just a couple of months, around March time. So whether you want to enter or you want to be a spectator, mark this event on your calendar.

Evolution Championship Series

This tournament is going to get the blood pumping for fans and competitors! What better location than Nevada for this exciting event, which will take place in either July or August 2020.

Unlike the Capcom Cup, which focuses on one particular fighting game, the Evolution Championship Series consists of a multitude of games. Some of the games involved include Tekken 7, Super Smash Bros, Ultimate Dragonball Fighter Z, and even variations of the Street Fighter arcade game.

Halo Championship Series

You know a tournament is going to be good if Microsoft backs it. The Halo Championship Series is of course established upon the sensation game of Halo, and there is some huge prize money up for grabs for competitors.

The prize pool is expected to be around $2 million, and one lucky team will strike it big and take home the trophy. The exact location and dates for this tournament are not yet available, but it is one to look out for.

StarCraft II World Championship

The StarCraft divisions have been raising the bar for eSports for years, so it is no surprise that there is a tournament based on this game. This tournament is quite similar in size to the Halo Championship Series event, and the prize pool is looking likely to hit $2 million or above.

Whatever your eSports guilty pleasures are, there will be a tournament that suits your appetite this year. We have selected just a handful of the events above, but there are tons more throughout the year.

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About the Author

Josh Buttler is a freelance journalist who writes about eSports.