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Silver State Sports

Alain Haller explains why Nevada is your best bet as an athlete visiting the U.S.A.

Ready to take on the United States? Visiting sportspeople tend to gravitate towards cities known for their athletic prowess, and America has quite a few. Though it may come as a surprise, Nevada manages to stand out as a premium destination for athletes across the world. Full of modern complexes and featuring a fascinating sports culture, this state is sure to wow anyone hoping for an action-packed trip.

Sports-Focused Culture Thrives

Let us face it: Nevada is not the first state which comes to mind when you think of sports. However, the history of sports in Nevada is rich and varied, which began in the early 1900s and continues to this day.

Boxing has always been big here, and the Silver State has hosted some of the most infamous fights in the nation. Football fans will doubtlessly admire the prowess of the Nevada Wolf Pack, while the Las Vegas Motor Speedway hosts numerous high-action racing events each year.

But it is not just the history of the place which captivates athletes. It is also the atmosphere, the people, and the cultural climate. The culture here lends itself to fun and games more than any other state around. Not only are there a plethora of sporting activities that thrive here, but friendly legislation also allows for the fun, competitive spirit to continue off the field with casino gaming and betting.

There are a variety of Las Vegas online casinos, many of which are accessible from anywhere in Nevada for players to enjoy.

Modern Sports Centers Abound

Not only will athletes feel right at home in the Silver State, but they will also be able to visit some of the best sports centres in Nevada while vacationing. This state boasts gigantic sports complexes which cater to the needs and preferences of every type of athlete under the sun and host every kind of sport you can imagine.

Las Vegas is home to the Arroyo Grande Sports Complex, a vast collection of baseball diamonds and basketball courts which is peppered throughout with disk golf areas and horseshoe pits. Whether you want to play a fun game or watch one live, this is one of the best places to do it.

If Vegas is not your scene, it may be best to discover Edmond’s Sports Complex in Carson City. With a full array of fields catering to every type of sport, you are sure to find something to watch here. This centre also boasts a BMX track and stadium seating suitable for real tournament competition, ramping up the excitement even more.  

Numerous Training Opportunities

Fitness opportunities for athletes abound in Nevada, where the rugged terrain itself is ideally suited for endurance training. Here you will be able to glide over mountains, trek through rugged basins, and run your way across thousands of miles of breathtaking desert scenery.

Nevada also boasts many training facilities which are fresh, modern, and flawlessly constructed to give you the challenge you crave in a comfortable and welcoming setting. If you are ready to try something different, try out the European Fitness Center in Reno. Here you will find an array of unique classes, each one painstakingly constructed to give you the burn you desire in the cool comfort of air conditioning.

Those visiting Sin City would do well to check out the Las Vegas Sports Center, but make sure you are up for the task before you step foot inside. Featuring trapeze, kick-boxing, and batting cages, this centre is not for the faint of heart. Rigorous training and intense exercise are sure to get your blood flowing, and the challenges available here are unparalleled across the state.

As you can see, Nevada offers up the perfect storm of sporting qualifications. Athletes the world over will find many things to interest them here, from gorgeous landscapes to captivating culture and all sorts of training facilities. If you are ready to take an unforgettable sporting vacation, then why not book your trip today?

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About the Author

Alain Haller is a freelance journalist and writes about nutrition and training.