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Improve Your Golf Skills And Game

Patricia Williams explains how to improve your game of golf.

Whether you are a pro or a beginner, playing golf is both fun and rewarding. Regardless of your age, you can play golf and benefit from the socializing that comes along with it. Aside from that, you get to enjoy a serene place while engaging in an exciting game.

Playing golf also strengthens your core, builds your muscles, and reduces your stress levels. As a result, you lower your risk of developing cancer, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. This is because you burn hundreds of calories when playing golf.

Even if you do not plan to join a competition, you may want to raise your golf game to the next level. To keep advancing as a player, you should do the following to improve your skills:

Prepare Your Body

Yes, playing golf does indeed enhance your mental and physical health. However, you should prepare your body before engaging in any sports activity. Although golf is not an extreme sport, you will not tire quickly, if you warm-up before the game.

Moreover, warming up before playing is also a factor that contributes to longevity in golf. It is advisable to include flexibility and strength exercises in between your games as well. This would help reduce the possibility of injuring yourself while playing.

An effective workout routine allows you to improve your performance noticeably, so do it regularly at least three to four times weekly.

Generally, you will need to improve your overall strength and endurance. Do circuit training to increase your endurance and stamina. For strength training, you may also need to use weights.

Doing these exercises will familiarize your muscles and body with physical activities and bring long-term benefits.

Fuel Your Body

Apart from exercising to maintain your health, you also need to fuel your body with proper nutrients. Eating healthy alongside exercising will ensure that you become a better player. On the other hand, if you eat unhealthy foods, you may put your golf game at risk.

Moreover, the right fuel can sustain your body and enable you to play longer. Before stepping on a golf course, it is recommended to consume the following food and drinks:

  • Hard-Boiled Eggs - These make your focus and energy last longer as they are high in protein.
  • Nuts - To empower you throughout the game, you will need the minerals, fats, and protein that nuts offer. You can even munch on these snacks during your breaks.
  • Jerky - By giving you energy without making your tummy feel heavy, all-natural brands of jerky is the go-to food for golfers.
  • Fresh Veggies - Keeping you focused during your golf game are fresh veggies like bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, celery, and carrots. They will also make you feel full as they are rich in fibre.
  • Water - Instead of coloured drinks, opt for water. Drink lots to replenish your body's electrolytes.

Use The Right Equipment

Using the right equipment can prove instrumental in making your golf game better. During training, you may need to use some training aids to bring your skills up to the next level. Still, you should always try to use the appropriate golfing equipment.

These training aids will help you improve your golfing skills:

  • Flex Trainer - This training tool can help with swinging without having to worry about where the ball will go. You can feel your swing better due to its added flex and weighted head. Thus, it is best for practice, warmups, and workouts.
  • Grip Trainer - This will help you develop a perfect grip, especially when you are just starting. It has moulded forces that help you get a proper hold.
  • Putt Trainer - This is an inexpensive gadget that can help you perfect a putt. It develops your putting skills by enabling you to know how much control and strength you will need to hit the target.
  • Golf Speed Trap - To develop a clean and straight swing, the gold speed trap has lines to determine what is wrong with your shots. Even if you are an advanced golfer, you can still use this to maintain perfect putting, chipping, and swinging.

Now for an actual golf game, it is best to invest in the most suitable equipment. You may need to purchase golf clubs for putting, pitching, several irons, and drivers as well. Also, buy boxes of golf balls as you might lose some during practice or play. It is also worth purchasing golf shoes as these are made for golf games, unlike ordinary shoes. The trick is to buy what is comfortable for you.

Most importantly, you may also need to get yourself a golf bag available at Cherrywood Golf Club to organize your equipment.

Start With Your Form

Before you can proceed with your golf game, it is best to get yourself familiar with the proper golf stances. By doing so, you will get a good start, and all else will follow.

You should start by aligning yourself properly so that your stance is square. This means that your golf club should point to the target's left side.

As for your shoulders, hips, and knees, they should also be parallel to your feet. The ball to the target line should also be at right angles or square.

Next is to position your feet properly. With too narrow a stance, your golf swing will become powerless. On the other hand, too wide a stance may affect your sway or swinging. The target line and your rear foot should be at right angles.

When using short wedges and irons, use a narrow stance. For longer clubs, widen your stance two to three inches more than the width of your shoulders. Generally, the weight of your body should be spread equally on your heels and toes.

Learn To Read Shots

Another way to improve your skills is to analyze your shots. By doing so, you can learn about your strengths and weaknesses. You can start by recording your swings so you can examine them later.

When recording yourself, it is best to get a shot of your face on an angle and down the line. That way, you can watch your backswing as well as the ball and head position.

After a series of a recording of your first swings, you can now check your alignment, posture, grip, position, and swings. Record what went wrong and then determine the reason behind it. That way, you can keep fixing the aspects you need to change or improve.

Also, once you figure out how to master the right swings and stances, you will know how to do it the next time.

You may need to keep on recording and analyzing your performance to discover the areas that need improvement and development.

Swing The Right Way

If you are not confident about whether you have got the right swing, it is best to learn more about swinging your clubs.

If you are a beginner, swinging may mean getting the golf ball up in the air after making contact with it, for intermediate golfers, maintaining good contact while controlling the direction of your ball maybe your aim. As for professional golfers, your goal would be to stabilize the trajectory and keep the distance of your shots.

That is why you should follow these steps to perfect your swing whatever stage you might be at:

  • Adopt the right posture mentioned above, then swing your club at shoulder height.
  • After mastering this, you can move onto the next issue. That is squaring the clubface and creating an ideal swing path. Do this by giving room for your club to swing by creating enough hip flex.
  • Aside from hip flex and posture, you need to grip your club correctly. Let your fingers hold the golf club rather than your left palm. By doing so, you are hinging your wrists to strike better.
  • As for your backswing, you must shift your weight to the ball of your back foot from the ball of your front foot. Then, bend your front arm slightly while rotating your torso back.
  • Afterwhich, rapidly unwind through the impact area after increasing your 90-degree shaft angle to make a downswing. While doing so, your front leg should take your weight with your front knee flexed.
  • Moreover, you should remember to use your hips when swinging as it gives power to your shot. Thus, you shouldn't rely solely on your hands to provide energy to your swings.

Master Pitches

Pitching is a bit different from swinging your golf clubs. While a full swing begins a downswing with your lower body, a pitch uses the upper body when swinging down. They also differ in the release. For a pitch, the direction of the clubface is towards the sky while the full swing is halfway down the finish.

Before you can master your full swing, you should start with pitch shots. When you learn to pitch, you will become a better ball striker.

Since the pitch is the smaller version of the full swing, mastering it will surely develop your full swing. By mastering your pitch, you are also improving your backswing related to your hip height during a follow-through.

When you start with short pitches, you will get an idea of what and where your shot should be. If you feel that the short pitch is right, maintain it until you move to a bigger pitch shot. Also, doing short pitches before moving to a full swing makes it easier for you to change your swing according to what feels right.

Most importantly, when you master short pitches, you are controlling the motion of your hands. The movement of your hands is vital as it gives you a good or bad shot. Pitching then allows your hand to move together with your body. As a result, you will prevent mis-hits and flippy shots caused by unsynchronized body and hand motions.

Develop Pace Putting

One of the most challenging aspects of golf is putting as it requires the proper combination of speed and line. In short, learning to control your speed may be a difficult skill to master. Hence, if you can master your speed, you can make a good stroke.

From a full swing to pitching to putting means developing flexibility in controlling your speed.

For long putts, you need to develop distance control. That is why you may need to practice a drill from one angle to another. For instance, practice left to right and then right to left, or start from uphill and then go downhill. Thus, you should not focus on one angle only. Moreover, it may be best to hit the ball with a slower and longer stroke to avoid mis-hits.

Another tip when putting is to avoid wasting time doubting what you are doing. If you do this, the chances are that you will end up a lot more stressed. Result? You may have even more mis-hits. That is why it is best to focus on getting the ball in the line first.

Stay Calm Before The Shot

Well, all your training and techniques will go to waste if you get nervous right before you hit the ball. Some may end up forgetting every practiced stance and proper swing due to nervousness. If you are one of these people who lose their calm during the game, then it is time to practice calming your nerves.

Not only is it essential to keep your cool, but it is a significant factor in making sure you will not forget what you have been training to do. So when you are under pressure, here is how to calm your nerves and save your golf game:

  • Visualize your end goal for playing golf while taking a deep breath. It is even better if you close your eyes while doing this so you will not get distracted. When you remember your goal, then you might forget how significant the challenges are.
  • Oxygenate your body. In simple terms, take deep breaths repeatedly. Breathing lets fresh air into your system and is powerful enough to help your body perform at top capacity. Then exhale the bad vibes you are feeling before making a downswing.
  • Most importantly, it is best to remember that you are in control of the situation. Whatever happens, how you respond can result in a bad or good outcome. If you think that you can overcome the situation, then you will.


Taking up golfing as a hobby or sport may mean honing your skills before taking a shot. Even if it is merely to relax, you should play like a pro to increase your satisfaction. If you are putting all the balls in the holes, then you will feel happier and more motivated to become a better golfer.

On the other hand, mis-hits will indicate that you need to improve your game. Thus, you will have to start focusing on your body by exercising and eating healthy. When you are fit to play golf, then get the right equipment to use while training and also for a real game.

Once you are equipped, it is time to practice the proper posture and swings. To mitigate your weaknesses, it is better to read your shots so you will know what to fix. Then, you can practice swinging the right way by mastering your pitch first. For more skilled golf playing, control your speed so you can become a better putter.

Remember that you can never perform at your best when your nerves are distracting you. That is why you should also learn how to calm your nerves before and during a game. Developing the right mindset will direct you to your goal.

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Patricia Williams is a golfer who shares valuable golf and other sport-related articles online. Patricia has been playing golf since she was young and now shares her experience with her online followers.