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Sports Injury Claim

Mr. Tayyab explains how to obtain compensation for a sports injury.

People take part in sports for various reasons. Some take it up as a profession while others hope to keep up both their physical and mental health. In any case, there is a risk of injury inherent in any sporting activity. There is a chance of injuries incurring in sports that include contact as well as inadequate warm-up sessions can also end up in accidents. Using defective or inefficiently maintained gear can also cause mishaps. Overexerting oneself or extreme force can prompt abrupt, startling injuries for some. At times, sporting spectators can also get harmed during games.

Although, sports injuries are a part of the game, in some cases, an injury is prompted due to the action of another person it can get upsetting when one cannot participate in a football or a rugby game for a specified period. The feeling gets worse when the injury incurred was due to the conduct of the other party.

Sport-related Injury Situations

In addition to injuries incurred due to other players or umpires or referees unable to perform their duty, there are also other cases of negligence.

  • Caused due to poorly maintained pitch or court;
  • Caused due to inadequate instructions taught by a formal trainer;
  • Caused due to failure of equipment;
  • Caused due to illegal tackles in sports like rugby and football;
  • Caused due to inadequate seating arrangement of spectators;
  • Caused due to the violent behaviour of the opponent or spectators

For a person who has sustained an injury due to any of the above scenarios, then a personal injury claim can be filed.

Claim for Sport Injuries

It is essential to identify if the injury can be filed as a claim or not. Any injury sustained due to the legal tackle of the opponent or the general physicality attributed to the nature of the game cannot be claimed. In a full-contact sport, it is not easy to ascertain the validity of a claim. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that a person will get compensation for injuries such as a sprained ankle, muscle strain, or fractures.

Compensation claims can be made whether a person is a professional or an amateur, regardless of where that injury took place. For a claim to stand a chance, there must be proof of negligence on behalf of the players, the referee, the coach, or the game organizers.

The Claim Process

The immediate action you need to take if you have borne an injury is to get medical help. The medical report will help shape a case for your claim. If possible, take pictures of your injuries and the place or object that caused that injury. If there were witnesses near the accident site, request their contact details so they can provide supporting statements in the form of evidence.

The next step is to contact any of the injury solicitors within your reach as soon as possible. An injury solicitor will not only guide you through the legal process but also look into possibilities that can increase the settlement amount. Many solicitors offer a free consultation where they first fully diagnose your case and provide an estimate of the compensation amount.

A sports injury claim does only compensate for the physical injury but also the emotional and psychological stress incurred due to the injury.

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About the Author

Mr. Tayyab is a Freelance Journalist and writes about Nutrition and Minerals to help sportspeople.