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Nutraceutical Ingredients

Sally Perkins provides advice on Nutraceutical ingredient sourcing and supply in a COVID-19 world.

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted a lot of industries at different levels. While some have seen dwindling demands, others have been doing better. For instance, the market for nutraceutical ingredients increased during the pandemic in the UK. Consisting of the words “nutrient” and “pharmaceutical,” nutraceutical offers the goodness of nourishing food and medical drug. These ingredients can improve health and safeguard it from various ailments. You can expect to source quality products directly from manufacturing companies even during this virus situation. However, there can be inevitable delays due to disruptions.

In 1989, physician Stephen DeFelice founded the term “nutraceutical” to refer to products sourced from foods that offer nutritional value and additional health advantages. Today, these products inspire other products and choices for disease treatments with the potential of turning into a multi-billion pound industry. 

Why do nutritionists may suggest nutraceuticals?

There is broad acceptance that these products can keep various ailments at bay and help promote overall health. These can be useful for joint and spine pain, depression, immunity, metabolism, and more. A nutraceutical product can contain one or a combination of different ingredients; you can find them as herbal or designer food options too. Some processed food can also feature these.

Experts believe that many people may already have these in their homes even without being aware. Some common forms of these products include mineral supplements, dietary fibre supplements, vitamin supplements, ginger, garlic, turmeric, ginseng, and more. However, you cannot call them nutritional supplements that you consume primarily to match up the deficiency. Nutraceuticals are more than them for their contribution to preventive healthcare. Hence, even nutritionists and healthcare practitioners may recommend them.

How do nutraceutical ingredients help?

These products offer added nutrition. If your diet does not supply you with a sufficient amount of vitamins and other nutrients, you can depend on them to boost your wellbeing. Whether there is an injury or ailment, you may have to consume them to give your body its required dose of nutrients. Otherwise, the additional stress on the body and mind may further weaken your system.

Experts say that your metabolism has to absorb nutrients that you obtain from your food. When these melt, your body gets energy. While proteins, fats, and carbohydrates are sources of energy, other nutrients like minerals, vitamins, electrolytes, and water ensure your metabolic rate is robust. In essence, if the intake of nutrients is proper and your body dissolves them, your organs and systems will have an easy time helping them to heal any wound wholly and quickly. The deficiency of the same can lead to extended healing periods. The condition can even become worse.

It is necessary to promote a healthy diet that features nutrients and nourishing elements to allow your body to function at its peak. If your regular food is unable to offer you what your body needs, the addition of nutraceuticals can be useful. You can order nutraceutical ingredients direct from trusted online suppliers. However, since the country is going through the disruption caused by a virus infection, you may have to wait for the delivery a bit extra. If you are tired of taking medicines or willing to take a holistic approach, nutraceuticals can fit your needs.

However, as mentioned, there are numerous types of nutraceuticals available in stores. You have to choose the right one to make sure it supports your system. For this, you can approach a nutritionist or healthcare practitioner who has better knowledge of these ingredients and can recommend ones that your body demands. Also, they can guide the dosages. How many times you need to take something and in what quantity can be a crucial decision. For reaping its benefits, you have to consume them right. Otherwise, you may not experience any difference, or some health issues can crop up due to improper doses.

Besides, at the time of buying, make sure to check the nutraceutical ingredient label or package. It should inform you about the manufacturing company and the packers. Details like what components it contains and whether it has an allergen should also be there. According to government regulations, it should come with warnings and daily dose recommendations. The packet should guide on its storage and keeping it away from children's reach. Expiry date and nutritional values also matter. You deserve to know what vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients it has.

Since a healthy immune system can allow you to take care of your mental and physical wellbeing, you have to take care of it in every condition, whether COVID-19 is there. If you succeed in this, you can enjoy good health throughout. And for this, you indeed need to find out what nutrients and nourishment your body requires and how you can give it all. Choosing the correct nutraceutical can be the key here.

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