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Improve Your Flexibility

Eva Thaler provides some stretching exercises to help improve your flexibility.

It will be a huge mistake to think that exercises aiming to improve flexibility are necessary only for gymnasts and yogi. Of course, being mobile and flexible is vital for achieving success in this sport; however, many powerlifters and weightlifters include stretching exercises in their training schedule. Scientists proved that flexibility training reduces the risk of getting an injury, fastens the recovery, and improves muscle growth. There are a lot of approaches to the issue of stretching poses; for example, some people state that it is better to do stretching before the main training as a warm-up, whereas others advocate for stretching muscles after training sessions to relax.

The main thing people should remember is that doing these exercises is important. Sometimes even those who understand the importance of stretching, miss this stage of training because of exhaustion. Here are some of the best mobility exercises that will not take a lot of time and will benefit the athletic performance of any person. 

Students who participate in college athletic teams tend to skip stretching routines because of the vast number of assignments that require a lot of time to be completed. Such students must take into account that their problems are easy to deal with. They need to remember the search query “do my homework” and type it in the search engine to find reliable academic writing service.

It is time to get acquainted with the practical stretching training exercises and include them in the training plan.

Cat-camel back stretch

This exercise is used for relieving back pain that is a widespread symptom. It stretches all back muscles and makes the vertebra more mobile. To do this exercise, one needs to get on all fours and slowly arch the back towards the top, hold in this position for 10-15 seconds and then slowly swing the back towards the floor. It is better to repeat these movements several times to feel relief and realize that the back became more mobile.

Standing hamstring stretch

Lots of people find this one difficult. This fact indicates that people have sedentary lifestyles and disregard their physical activity. Having mobile hamstrings is the guarantee of a healthy back and good posture. To achieve this effect, the athlete must stand with feet at shoulder length and gradually bend over. If a person is flexible, he or she will easily wrap the arms around the legs.

Doorway stretch

Having a flexible rotator cuff is the bail for healthy joints and strong shoulder muscles. The doorway is everything a person needs to stretch shoulders. This exercise technique is simple: stand in the doorway, place each arm on the sides of the doorway at a 90-degree angle, and take a step forward to feel the stretching in the chest and shoulders.

Seated hamstring stretch

This exercise is a must for students who are not active and do nothing besides pulling an all-nighter and suffering from the attempts to make challenging assignments. Caring for health is very important in such a situation; that is why they may order essay online and devote a few hours of free time to a training session. This exercise is done in the same way as standing stretch. The only difference is that person’s aim is to reach the feet.

Frog stretch

The frog stretch is also known as Mandukasana, and it is a yoga pose. There is no better way to make hips and inner thighs more mobile than to try this pose. This exercise presupposes that a person starts with standing on all fours and slowly moves the knees towards the sides. When inner thighs are parallel to the floor, this exercise is done correctly.

Triceps stretching

Developing upper body strength mainly depends on the arms and their muscles. That is why stretching the triceps is essential. There are a lot of poses and exercises for it, but this one is the most effective. It can be performed standing or sitting. Raise the hand, bend the elbow, and try to touch the top of the back. Avoiding any sudden movements, is what is important in this exercise.

Biceps stretching

After improving the mobility of the biceps, it is time to work on the biceps. All that is necessary to do this exercise is a wall. Besides biceps stretching, this pose affects the chest and shoulders and makes them more flexible. The athlete who wants to enjoy the flexibility of the biceps must reach out to the hand and place it on the wall and start turning the body away from it until he or she feels stretching. It is better to find a comfortable position and hold it for 20-30 seconds.

Piriformis stretching

Piriformis syndrome brings a lot of inconveniences and is painful. The best way to get rid of the symptoms and even prevent them is to do stretching exercises and keep this muscle on point. To reach this muscle, one needs to sit and cross the left leg over the right. The left hand should be placed behind the body. The right elbow should be placed on the left knee. The stretching is conducted by the turning of the torso and moving the left leg towards the floor.

Quad stretching

Stretching quads is an essential exercise for gymnasts and all people who want to do the splits; however, it is not the only aim and benefit. To stretch the quads, one needs to stand, bend one leg, grab the foot and pull it towards the butt. There is a risk of losing off balance; that is why it is better to lean on something.

Spine twist in a lunge

This pose is something like a full-body exercise, and it should be conducted by all people who suffer from tensed muscles. If someone sits for a long time, he or she must do his pose every day. One must make a lunge to feel stretching in the thigh. One hand should be placed on the floor, whereas others must be extended towards the ceiling. Therapists advise holding this position at least 30 seconds before repeating it on the other side. 

Students who do their assignments until late at night must include all these exercises in their training routine. Moreover, it is always better to care about their health and especially back health by ordering assignments online and having a rest. The simple keyword “pay to do my essay’ is the key to solving all problems with academics.

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Eva Thaler is a writer with many years of experience in the health and fitness industry. She enjoys writing compelling content about physical and mental health, sports injuries, and the latest advances in fitness research.