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Training tips for beginners in running

Mr. Micky Addam provides five training tips for those new to endurance running.

Every beginning is challenging, and sport is no different. Beginners tend to have all kinds of doubts, but some of the most frequent ones are related to training. Is it just running? Is there a right way to breathe? Do I need to go to the gym?

Before starting to discuss pace, what to eat in the pre-workout, and other issues, it is good to be aware of some points that should help provide you with a more enjoyable time in training and competition. Here are the five training tips.

Do not Forget The Arms

Arms are just as important as legs when running. Too calm, they decrease mobility and hinder posture. Swinging too much in front of your body, prevent you from reaching your best way of running. That is, the arms act as pendulums, and help the body propel itself forward. So if you want to start running, don't forget about your arms.

The Core is Fundamental

The core is our centre of strength, composed of as many as 35 different muscle groups connecting into the pelvis from the spine and hip area. A strong core helps the athlete withstand the stride of the race, helps with posture, and stabilizes the impact that the sport has on the joints. If you are a beginner in running, invest in isometric board and abdominal exercises. There are other options, such as superman and spiderman mountain climbers.

Jump and Run

Every runner should jump a lot: Box, step, or any of the options that make you work with muscle strength and speed (power). The force of the lower limbs' thrust and the stability of the core helps the athlete to strengthen their body and avoid injuries during competition. Jumping will give you more muscle power to accelerate. Try at least a good squat workout for runners. Exercises that include jumping are called plyometrics which you can find on YouTube. Check out the various video tutorials on YouTube before starting. To be able to watch them anytime, you should download them on your mobile. To help you out, you might need a free YouTube download tool!

Train to breathe

If you are a beginner, have you had or have this doubt: is there only one way to breathe correctly? The answer is no. You can use your nose or mouth, whichever makes you most comfortable. But it is essential to train your breathing, as well as the other elements involved in running. There are three types of breathing: diaphragmatic, intercostal, and pulmonary, the first of which promotes greater air intake. There are exercises to train to breathe, as well as tips for better breathing.

Hopefully, the five tips above can help.

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About the Author

Micky Addam is a Freelance Journalist and writes about Nutrition and Minerals to help sportspeople.