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Main Fitness Mistakes

Vitalyi Kozlov analyzes the typical mistakes made in the training process.

Each person comes to a fitness club with his or her own goal. Someone wants to lose the extra weight, someone decided to gain muscle mass, and someone is seriously thinking about working on their health. But everyone wants the same thing - to achieve excellent results. But do you strategize correctly on achieving your goal? Let us analyze the typical mistakes made in the training process.

You do not need a doctor

If you start training without consulting your doctor, you may not only fail to achieve the desired results but also seriously worsen your health condition. A sedentary lifestyle, snacking on the run and constant stress has a detrimental effect on our body. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system today are no longer a feature of the elderly.

Be sure to consult your doctor or at least a specialist from a sports club during a fitness test. Get as much information as you can about the indications and limitations of exercise.

Lack of sleep

Sleep, during which the recovery of the body takes place, is very important. It is important to eat dinner at least 2 hours before bedtime and to air the bedroom well. Before going to bed, it is best not to be distracted by the phone or watching a show. Sleep should take at least 7 hours.

Wrong outfit

Improperly selected clothes will make your workout uncomfortable, and therefore incomplete. Violation of thermal regulation is fraught not only with the unpleasant smell of sweat but also with diaper rash and blisters. Tight clothes will prevent exercising with maximum amplitude. And the wrong footwear will not allow you to perform the exercises in a technically correct way, and this is fraught with excessive strain in the ankle area and injuries.

Workout clothes should be loose and lightweight - allow for air circulation and absorb moisture well. Choose specialized equipment from well-known brands. Select your footwear according to the type of workout you are doing, and yes, the more recognizable the logos of the sportswear brands, the more guarantee in its quality. For group exercises in a fitness center, sneakers with a tight backside, springy soles, and ventilation inserts are suitable, which will reduce the load on the spine, the ankle will be fixed and the feet will "breathe".

You know better

The fitness industry is constantly evolving, with new research on human physiology. New equipment appears and workout programs change. However, each person is different and requires a different approach, taking into account age, sex, build, lifestyle, injuries, etc. Training "by your method", "by habit", "on the advice of a friend", "by the book" can cause irreparable damage to your health.

Do not hesitate to ask about free instructions and introductions. Ask the instructors questions, ask what books and articles to study are credible to the experts, and double-check the reliability of the names with famous company logos.

Not in the mood to workout

Bad moods, urgent matters, or laziness are often the reasons for skipping a workout. Fitness as a habit is an achievement of many months of work on yourself or even years. Your body must readjust to build up your general and muscular endurance, increase your strength performance, and improve your exercise technique. All this is only possible with repeated and regular repetitions. Remember that regularity is the key to sustainable results.

Make a weekly/monthly training plan and stick to it strictly. In the beginning, you will have to try hard to change your usual life schedule. But then the workout will become a habit, and the reward for consistency will be a beautiful and healthy body.

Overpowering yourself

The other extreme is to train through sheer force. Even a professional athlete needs time to recover. A beginner or a person with average fitness is strongly discouraged from training intensely every day, let alone several workouts a day. Overexertion is extremely dangerous!

Do you feel weak and sore all over after yesterday's workout but still want to work out today? The desire to achieve results as soon as possible will only lead to a general deterioration of your well-being. Your sleep and metabolism will be disturbed, and your risk of injury increases.

The simplest advice is to take a break for one or two days between intensive workouts. If you are a beginner, train three days a week with rest breaks. Alternate intense classes with less intense ones (pilates, stretching, light cardio, calm swimming in the pool, or yoga).

Low-Calorie diet

Any trainer will tell you that nutrition is the key to a successful workout. The process of gaining muscle mass, weight loss, muscle recovery, and energy for training is directly dependent on nutrition. Fast food and overeating at night, as well as rigid diets (e.g., giving up carbohydrates), disrupt the body's metabolism. As a result, you're only moving farther away from your dreams of a beautiful and healthy body.

Consuming too few calories and not changing your eating plan can lead to a steady adaptation of the body to the diet, stopping the weight loss process and leading to a "plateau".

Therefore, it is necessary to drink enough fluids (at least 30 ml per kg of weight), have a proper and balanced diet, organize days of rest and days of exercise, and consume unsaturated fats.

Monotonous exercises

To achieve your goals, it is necessary not to let the body adapt to the exercises that you perform during the workout. Try to diversify them and combine different loads, work for each muscle group, and attend other types of physical activity.

Lack of periodization

Periodization in training refers to changes in the training process to "lighten" or "aggravate" an activity at certain time intervals. Excessive exertion and over-intensity training can put your body under stress, which can be detrimental to your health. Eventually, after a couple of weeks or months, it's exhausting and brings the desire to get off the fitness circuit without achieving your desired goal.

To avoid this, in one class to blow off steam and recharge, you can do intense exercises designed to increase your muscles, and in another class, you can do smoother exercises to work out all muscle groups and stretch.

Turns out, just have patience and approach the process responsibly, and you can easily customize your fitness workouts to suit you. It will be easy and pleasant to train, and the results will be noticeable not only to you but also to others.

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Vitalyi Kozlov, is a boxing coach with ten years of experience. Professional fitness trainer since 2012. On his account, a large number of lost pounds tightened muscles and satisfied, healthy clients.