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Recover from a knee injury

Anita Swan explains the fastest way to recover from a knee injury.

After a knee trauma or surgery, patients will experience soreness and weak muscles around the joint. It is essential to start following a specific knee-targeted therapeutic program to regain the range of motion of the knee joint and strengthen the muscles so you can get back on your feet as soon as possible. Hydrotherapy provides a weightless impact-free environment in which to recover from knee trauma and surgery. The buoyancy allows movement without impact or further trauma to the healing joint.

What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is a form of therapy done in aquatic environments.

Other terms for hydrotherapy are:

  • Water therapy
  • Aqua therapy
  • Aquatic therapy
  • Aquatic rehabilitation
  • Pool therapy
  • Therapeutic aquatic exercise

This type of rehabilitation may be done in a variety of aquatic settings, a heated therapy pool, a public swimming pool, or your pool at home.

What are the benefits of water therapy for knee injuries?

Doctors and Surgeons often recommend a hydrotherapy program for knee injury rehabilitation and as the patient's first postoperative step because of the risk-free therapeutic benefits. This type of rehabilitative program is for patients ready to regain the rotation in the knee and build muscle strength without pressure on the knee injury or new knee joint. Water Therapy provides a weightless environment that makes it easy for patients to do gentle exercises that allow the muscles to engage and build without the added strain.

In a systematic review, water therapy using warm water was observed to significantly relieve pain in people with issues related to the musculoskeletal system and connective tissues. Warm water helps relax the muscles and increase blood circulation, reducing pain in the affected knee area.

It also reduces arthritic knee pain. In one study, people with osteoarthritis in the knee felt less pain and improved knee function after doing aquatic exercise for eight weeks.

Hydrotherapy activities are low impact. Water serves as a medium that puts less stress on the joints. As a result, it allows people to adhere and stay committed to a workout plan while they heal.

What is the fastest way to recover from a knee injury?

Water therapy on an AquaBike is one of the fastest ways to recover from a knee injury or surgery. Aqua biking or aqua cycling is like riding a bike, but it takes place in a pool. It is a therapeutic activity where a patient rides a Hydrorider or aquatic bike and pedals in water. Water's buoyancy reduces the pressure on the knee joints, while the circular motion of the bike aids knee joint rotation and strengthens the other supporting structures like the knees, legs, and hips.

How does an Aquabike help you to recover from knee surgery?

Exercise and movement are essential components in a knee surgery treatment plan to essentially stabilise the knee joints and minimize further damage.

Low-impact exercises are ideal activities that are easy on the knee joints. Cycling is often recommended, but cycling in water is now seen to be much better as it combines the benefits of cycling and therapeutic elements of hydrotherapy. The water cycling serves as a weightless cycling environment that allows the patient to gain rotation without further trauma and impact on the joint and then strengthen the knees.

The water's hydrostatic pressure supports the patient's balance and stability. It allows patients to perform exercises minus the incidence of falling. At the same time, it helps decrease pain and improves blood circulation.

The buoyancy of the water relieves pressure around the injured knee. Water's buoyancy effect allows patients to perform exercises in the pool. It is a safer alternative than doing exercises on land. It will enable you to float and minimize gravity's impact on the injured or aching joints and muscles.

What are the Benefits of Aqua Biking for Knee Joints?

  • No impact, so no risk of further trauma to the knee.
  • Warm water relaxes the muscles allowing healing, and increased blood flow and circulation.
  • The structured AquaBike rotation stretches the relaxed muscles allowing an increased range of motion.
  • The Hydrostatic pressure is increased with cycling speed and reduces inflammation and swelling faster.
  • Allows even-strength to be developed in both legs so no additional pressure on the other knee joint or lean
  • Builds strengths in the knee’s support structures, hips, and ankles.
  • Allows a high-level cardio exertion without pressure on the knee, providing a safe way to reduce weight which helps take the pressure off the recovering knees.

What are the other benefits of an AquaBike?

  • It is a fun and challenging workout.
  • It allows you to burn up to 800 kcal in an hour.
  • It Strengthens cardiovascular endurance.
  • It Improves muscle strength and coordination.
  • It tones the major muscle groups.
  • It is kind to the joints and muscles.
  • It is an excellent recovery workout.
  • It reduces stress and improves sleep quality.
  • It improves blood flow.
  • It reduces cellulite.

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