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Skin Elasticity

Thomas Wright explains how essential oils can be used to improve skin elasticity.

As you age, your healthy and youthful skin texture starts becoming a wish of yours. Dark spots, unwanted wrinkles, stretch marks, and a dull complexion are all the things you do not want but still experience on the skin. To regain the charm that you had in your teenage years, you can go for anti-ageing creams and lotions. But then be ready for definite adverse reactions of those products on the skin. Well, fear not because we are putting before you another natural and harmless option. These are essential oils, the real natural plants' extracts containing the immune system of their sourced plant. The choice is yours at the end of the day.

Frankincense Essential Oil

This essential oil has been the part and parcel of every skin-conscious person's skin-care regime, irrespective of their gender. The oil helps in accelerating the growth of new skin cells, vanishing the dead cells, and thus lowering the appearance of scarring and stretch marks on the skin – a piece of great news for pregnant ladies or newly-made mothers! The oil boosts up skin firmness, suppleness,  elasticity, and youthfulness by helping keep it hydrated and oxygenated. Along with it, the oil provides the skin with nourishment and can do wonders to wrinkle-prone skin areas.

Lemon Essential Oil

Loose and saggy skin brings to you facial movement lines, wrinkles, dark spots, a dull complexion, and many other skin worries. You just name your woe and the strong team of skin-tightening essential oils will send a sort of all-rounder player to specifically suit your needs. That player is none other than pure lemon essential oil. Yes, this oil is best known for its ability to produce collagen and elastin, two of the connective skin tissues that keep the skin tighter. Moreover, Lemon essential oil possesses deep pore cleansing and skin-toning qualities and can easily wipe out dead skin cells. This means that using Lemon essential oil for skin elasticity gives you something more than you desire. The oil also helps erase scars, pigmentation, and tanning and blesses you with a more vibrant glow. How does the oil help do this? Because of their chemical composition, citric acid and Vitamin C are in particular.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

This oil is highly regarded in traditional medicine including Ayurveda due to its multiple health and skin rejuvenation benefits. Sandalwood essential oil can prove to be a magical oil in obtaining skin elasticity. The oil's astringent properties aid in keeping the skin cycle run, meaning, the dead skin cells are wiped out instead of turning to be skin-affecting build-ups. Rich in antioxidants, this substance helps keep the skin hydrated which results in a significant reduction of wrinkles and fine lines. Plus, by helping repair the broken capillaries, the oil enables you to get rid of a dull complexion and the oil evens the skin tone as well.

Things to keep in mind before using essential oils

  • Always dilute the oil with some carrier oil since undiluted essential oils can lead to skin irritation and other skin problems. The best carrier oil addition can be coconut and almond oil because these two are also associated with skin-rejuvenating properties.

  • Like other anti-ageing products, essential oils too can be filled with artificial fragrances and chemicals that harm your skin. So, opt for 'pure essential oils' rather than just 'essential oils'!

  • Pregnant women must consult with their doctor before applying any of the essential oils.


Essential oils are not magical substances, but their chemical composition and natural purity enable them to give you skin elasticity and youthful vigour. Safe and careful steps towards using essential oils are the only key to get the most out of them.

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Thomas Wright is a professional freelance writer with many years of writing experience.