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Fast Feet drills

The following drills can be used to develop quickness of the feet.

Quick feet drill

From a jog, increase your strike rate such that you take as many steps as possible in a 10-metre interval. Jog for 10 metres and repeat. Emphasis on the quick turnover with the legs moving in front of, not behind or under, the body.

Down and offs

From a high knee position, the emphasis is to decrease your foot/ground contact time by hitting the ground with the ball of the foot and getting off as quick as possible. In turn, the effort on the ground should bounce your leg up into the high knee position. Ten down and offs per leg make a set.

Hurdle Drill

Twenty low hurdles (12") are placed 18 inches apart on the ground. Sprint through the hurdles as fast as possible, touching one foot on the ground between each. Emphasis on a high knee lift and quick ground contact.


Knees slightly bent, running on the spot on your toes bringing the toes no more than 2 or 3 centimetres off the ground. Emphasis on speed of movement. Duration of 30 seconds.

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