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Visitor's Comments - 2007

Your comments on Sports Coach

To help me develop and maintain the Sports Coach website, your comments on its content are essential. You can send me your comments by visiting the Visitor's Feedback page.

Comments received

The following are some of the comments received in 2007 from visitors to Sports Coach, which reflect their views on the content and usefulness of the Sports Coach website. To view comments from other years, please select the appropriate year tag below.

Mr Roy Carr - USA
Comments - Good content as regards HR and VO2 max ratios. Thank you very much. Have a good Christmas!

Mr Paul Lehmann - Australia - Athletics Coach and Official
Comments - This site has to be the lead in coaching assistance on the internet. The only other one to come close would be another UK site in Momentum Sports. Brian, you have done an excellent job of bringing all this information together and making it available to everyone. I have learnt as much from this site as I did from the local library, but the library cannot answer my questions, but you do! To everyone who assisted Brian on this, well done and congratulations. Keep it up! Regards Paul.

Mr Clive Stephenson - New Zealand - Triathlon Competitor
Comments - I have been searching for a site with to-the-point information for a long time. You have done a fantastic job of putting this informative, and user-friendly site together and I thank you for that. Keep up the good work.

Miss Z - United Kingdom - Netball Competitor
Comments - LOVE IT! Here is everything you ever need to know about sport and fitness. Would like to thank you very much for helping me with my AS PEP as well - couldn't have got past the front page without your website and I think your Borg scale as well... wonderful, unbelievably accurate.

Mr Laurence Rodrigues - Canada - Soccer Competitor
Comments - This is truly an amazing website with tons of information. I have spent hours going through most of the articles, and it blows my mind about how much there is to learn. I love this website.

Mr Thro Hof - Switzerland -Judo - Competitor
Comments - This is an excellent website. I like the brief but unique articles on a wide range of sports' mental and physical aspects. I have learned a lot. Keep this site alive.

Mr Hardy - United Kingdom - Soccer
Comments - I am a Sport and Exercise Science Graduate, and I think this site is beneficial as a reference tool for all students. I still refer back to this website now to refresh on anything I have forgotten. This is an excellent website with lots of information. I recommend this website to anyone with an interest in sport/sports science.

Ms Mmichelle Miller - USA - Swimming - Competitor
Comments - I loved it, and it complied with my fitness training program text.

John Lees - United Kingdom - Endurance Running - Athlete
Comments - Here's some positive feedback for you. 6 months on and how did I get on after your advice?

I was pretty discouraged back in March with my shins giving out again. I took your advice on the sports massage, which has sorted out so many issues not only in the legs but also in the back. I also took up the suggestion on stretching and had the stretching institute guide, which has helped me integrate a proper stretching regime into my training. My massage therapist also introduced me to using the massage roller ball and foam roller.

I have continually used your website, developed my training programme significantly, and learned a considerable amount from the articles you have written. After less training volume in May/June but specific conditioning and treatment for the lower legs, I was then able to step up training in July/August/September. Easy runs and tempo, interval and fartlek, became part of my five times a week running schedule, including running with a club based at GSK House where I work. I have also worked on hydration, nutrition and the whole range of related topics, supported by your excellent and informative site.

Yesterday (23/9/07) I ran the Garstang Half Marathon in Lancashire, my first ever race. A tough and hilly course that put high demands on my shins, especially on the steep descents. Anyway, I ran it in 01:59:45. I had only in my wildest dreams imagined a sub 2hr time, and had run 13 miles in 2hs 9 mins three weeks previously, so finishing injury-free would have been satisfactory, the time is a bonus!

So, onwards with the training and conditioning, and of course keep on paying attention to the lower leg! So, thanks to Brian and keep up the excellent work with sharing the wisdom! Cheers John Lees

Mrs Caroline Turnbull - United Kingdom - Rowing Coach, Competitor, Official
Comments - Thank you so much for the beneficial information on your site. As a rowing coach, I was looking for tips on weight training and general fitness training for my athletes during the winter and have found everything I need and more.

Miss Cydora - Canada - sprint kayaker - Competitor
Comments - Thank you so much for the information - I am a sprint kayaker, and this is an awesome reference to fall back on when I am in a slump!

Miss X - United Kingdom - Field Hockey
Comments - It is amazing! It has saved me from death by PE Teacher! Thank you so much for all the information I will ever need about PE.

Mr Sun zi-jian - China - Athletics Coach
Comments - What a great site, best I have ever seen.

Mr R Wilson - United Kingdom - Rugby League - Coach
Comments: Excellent site, but would it be possible to add Rugby League to your list of sports?

Miss Aleisha Quarisa - Australia - Tennis Competitor
Comments - This site is awesome, incredibly helpful, especially with my year 12 P.E. assignment, thanks so much!

Mr Pravin - India - Athletics Competitor
Comments - Excellent site. I must recommend it to my team.

Miss Atkinson - United Kingdom - Badminton Competitor
Comments - The site is excellent. The calculators are coming in really handy as I am working on my pep at the moment. My only negative comment is that there isn't a calculator for coordination - otherwise, it is excellent.

Mr Sherry - United Kingdom - Road running Competitor
Comments - Super information. Very professional. Too much to absorb, but given time I will be able to tweak my training and performance.

Mr Keith Walmsley - United Kingdom - Rugby - Coach
Comments - I am a well-accomplished fitness coach for my team. My experience comes from being an army physical training instructor. My time as a fitness coach for my team has been greatly influenced by sites such as yours. Army ways were about getting your troops through it. However, understanding how to adapt to your team's personalities was a big learning curve for me. Reading through some of your articles has helped me re-evaluate my approach to my coaching technique and delivery. My players are keen to train if conditions are right and the lessons are tempered to suit their abilities. I usually run a ten-week pre-season programme, and your articles provide sound advice on progression. Your site is very informative and easy to understand, and I find it a useful tool in my understanding of fitness coaching. Thank you.

Mr Michael Bruce - United Kingdom - Athletics Coach
Comments - I am continually searching for new knowledge on sports and finding the holy grail of winning performance and mindset, and I stumbled upon the site. Still, what an experience, as a Sports Psychologist, and has competed as an athlete for England and coached and worked with Commonwealth, European, World and Olympic Champions. I also work with Premiership Footballers, so obviously I thought I had excellent knowledge of sports, but wow, this site excites me and has given me back my passion for coaching. I was concerned that come 2012 we would be embarrassed because I now know that other like-minded coaches are qualified and doing their best. Good Luck guys looking forward to 2012.

Mr Dan Farley - USA - Athletics - Competitor
Comments - Great site - I have been getting back into it. Was HS/College athlete then improved while in the military for 22 years while being a daily user of aspirin. After an 8-year break mostly w/o aspirin - decided it was time to get in shape again. Found your site looking for 'max heart rate'. I am currently doing my brand of circuit training (2-3 times a week). Stepper for warm-up (8 minutes) various strength exercises using machines, run 1-mile repeat strength & run finish with stretches. I do a quick walk for 1 hour 4-5 mornings a week. After three months have lost 30 lbs, resting heart rate went from the mid-70s to mid-60s! Will continue to explore here - the calculators are great! Thanks

Ms Jennifer Hart - USA - Weight Lifting
Comments - I want to thank you for having such a short, yet concise explanation of Carbohydrates. I had no clue how many carbohydrates I needed and had been looking everywhere for someone to say "This is how many carbohydrates you need" a day. THANK YOU for being straightforward on the issue.

Mr James Moss - United Kingdom - Cricket Competitor
Comments - your site has been excellent in supporting my A-Level in Sport & PE, primarily in referencing for coursework but also crucial back up of the theory. Keep up the good work.

Mr Charlie Schemcri - United Kingdom - Soccer Competitor
Comments - This website is awesome - a great help for my GCSE - cheers.

Mr Mohammed Hafeez - United Kingdom - Road running Competitor
Comments - I found this website very useful - it is a good read.

Miss Grace Carter - United Kingdom - Volleyball Competitor
Comments - I would like to thank you all who are involved in the production of this website. I have been using it as a reference for over two years now for my PE course. I have found no other website that comes close to matching the service which you give so to many, in particular, students! Thanks again, continue with the fantastic work.

Mr J Stevenson - United Kingdom - Rugby Competitor
Comments - Fabulous website, especially for the "used to be fit" and looking to regain fitness brigade. Well done to all concerned.

Mr Stephen Watts - United Kingdom - Weight Lifting
Comments - l am currently doing a Sports Therapy degree, and this website is brilliant in putting things into an easy to read format before reading into the more hefty stuff. Thank you!!

Mr Harris - Australia - Athletics Competitor
Comments - Your site is FILLED with useful advice and a constant source of information I often implement with the training programs I have built for many junior athletes. Keep up the tremendous work.

Ms B Hart - United Kingdom - Road running Coach & Competitor
Comments - logged on for the first time as I wanted to know more about METS! Looks to be a very promising site! Recent graduate in Health Studies, I have a diploma in fitness advice and am thinking of doing personal training/lifestyle coaching.

Mr Robert Byrnes - USA - Athletics Coach & Competitor
Comments - Great site, Explanations are clear and have helped me to update my knowledge. I have taught anatomy and physiology, coached for twenty years, but have been away from coaching for almost ten years. Last year I began coaching HS track again. I have been a runner for most of my life. Thanks for sharing your insights.

Mr Sean - USA - Athletics Coach & Competitor
Comments - Greatest Coaching website I have seen on the web. My athletes will get great use out of the material, and myself when I go to open meets to compete.

Miss Kahn - Thailand - Martial Arts Competitor
Comments - I think this website rocks! It helps me with my coursework loads!

Miss Michelle - United Kingdom - Lacrosse Competitor
Comments - brilliant ..... the best

Mr Alldis - Uruguay - Lacrosse Coach & Competitor
Comments - Brian Mac you are a legend - thank you so so much

Mr Cowdery - Venezuela - Walking Competitor & Official
Comments - Brian Mac thank you ever so much, don't know how I'd ever do my assignments without you! You are an absolute star.

Mr Richard - United Kingdom - Soccer Competitor
Comments - I love this website l am studying to become a personal trainer and find it an excellent resource and easy to use. Online fitness bible!

Miss Amanda Fisher - United Kingdom - Martial Arts Coach
Comments - Amazing! So useful I had to write a message. As a martial arts instructor, I am always finding more research to help my students achieve their potential. Many thanks - the pictures are particularly useful with clear instructions for the drills... I will be visiting this web frequently!

Ms Grace - United Kingdom - Soccer Competitor
Comments - This website is excellent as it helps me a lot in my GCSE COURSEWORK LOL as no other websites offer this information, thanks for having such a great site

Mr Stephen Dack - United Kingdom - Rugby Coach & Competitor
Comments - Full of excellent articles. I have used many in my coaching sessions for 5-year olds up to adults. The articles are easy to read and easy to pass on. The site has also given me many ideas to help build adult players' strength and ability who have been out of the game due to injury and need to train at a lesser rate before coming back to full-time training sessions. And the good thing is that their Physio sees an improvement when they see him.

Mrs James- Australia Email - Swimming Coach & Competitor
Comments - Fab Website - Love it!

Mr S.Rajeshkannan - India - Badminton Coach
Comments - from 1999 onwards I am reading sports coach. I am working as a physical Director K.G.College of Health Sciences, Saravanampatti, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu (India). You have done excellent work for the world of sports. As a sportsman, I have to congratulate you on your dedication to the sports field. I have completed my M.Phil (Physical Education and Sports Science). Throughout my study, Sports Coach has helped me a lot, so I have to thank you. Thank you

Mr Garland - Australia - Martial Arts Coach
Comments - You have helped me on many occasions regarding movement stretching and sports injury. Thank you

Mr Michael Dillard - USA - Athletics Coach
Comments - You have the best track and field page in the world! You give more information than any coach or any web page that I have known. I like your 300-meter training plan. I like how you break down the race segment. Keep up the great work! You have helped thousands all over the world with your knowledge.

Ms Stefane Carrizo - Canada - Cycling Competitor
Comments - Great site. Answer all my questions.

Mr Anthony McAuley - United Kingdom - Soccer Coach & Competitor
Comments - Think that the website is very comprehensive. I use it with my yr 12 G.C.S.E

13 and 14 pupils and they find it very easy to follow, and there is a lot of useful information within it. Thanks for all your help (even if you didn't know you were giving it!!)

Mr Marius Cristian Frincu - Romania
Comments - This is the best site I ever saw on the internet about nutrition and training for a healthy life... keep going, you did a very great job. Thank you and all the best to you!

Mr Choongbastic - China - Road running Competitor
Comments - This site is beneficial for my colleagues and me and would like to thank you for putting it together so efficiently and effectively. My preferred sport is running so naturally I use the endurance training section a lot in the fitness training topic area and it is extremely useful. Keep up the good work guys!

Mr Cliff Swanson - USA - Cycling Competitor
Comments - I am devoting more time to building a strong aerobic fitness base to support endurance and power on the bike. I don't have access to a power meter, so am relying on heart rate zone training and perceived effort as a means for focusing my training. The coverage of heart rate training and energetics on this website has been helpful to me! Thanks for being here.