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Visitor's Comments - 2014

Your comments on Sports Coach

To help me develop and maintain the Sports Coach website, your comments on its content are essential. You can send me your comments by visiting the Visitor's Feedback page.

Comments received

The following are some of the comments I received in 2014 from visitors to Sports Coach which reflect their views on the content and usefulness of the Sports Coach website. To view comments from previous years, please select the appropriate year tag below.

Mr Rijckar - Indonesia - Athletics Coach
Comments: This is a great website. Will give our information for enhances an athlete's performance. Thanks for brianmac.

Mr Samuel Goldberg - Malaysia - Athletics Coach & Competitor
Comments - I find your site as an infinitely valuable reference. I find myself continually returning to when in need of top quality information and or in need of information currently subject to limited research, exposure or popularity within the track and field community. Thank you for all your efforts on behalf of our sport, profession and lively hood. Coach Sam Goldberg

Mr Kevin Rice - United Kingdom - Athletics Competitor
Comments - If only I had seen this years ago! It has given me the impetus to design and organise my training from just going out and understanding and planning. Much to my wife's dismay and hilarity of the kids, I am now planning to resume my track career (sort of), by not only providing the physical but mental confidence! Many thanks.

Mr Chris Stapleton - United Kingdom - Road Running Coach & Competitor
Comments - I have been running for a few years but have received minimal coaching. As a club, we have recognised this and started to try and address it, but we are in a chicken & egg situation. A colleague & I have begun the UKA Coach in Running Fitness course. As I work through the official course literature, I am finding this site extremely useful as a secondary reference.  Your articles often fill in the gaps that I do not fully understand. Without easy access to a support coach, the website is a valuable asset to me.

Mr Rory Moor - New Zealand - Golf Coach & Competitor
Comments - Well I got to 60 and then found the site. I have coached many international players, and this resource has been a great find and tool, adding value to my daily life as a full-time Professional Sports Coach. Wonderful, thanks to all the men and woman who gave up their time to share their knowledge.

Miss J Powell - United Kingdom - Canoeing Coach & Competitor
Comments - The contents are excellent and helped me with my A-level Physical Education revision. Thank you.

Mr Bob Turek - USA - Cycling Competitor
Comments - Great article on neck issues - I knew that stretching relieved the pain but l am incorporating all your exercises and will address handlebar height and helmet vision. Thanks.

Ms Snehlata - India - Athletics Coach
Comments -It will be a great help for physical education teachers and coaches to refresh their knowledge.

Miss J. Day - United Kingdom - Athletics Coach & Competitor
Comments - Fabulously informative. If you have not got a scientific mind but understand the whole picture of what is required through the phases of a programme, Sports Coach is absolutely fab for the calculations and helps make sure you are on the right track. I have used it for two months. My best athlete has produced a personal best with the help of Sports Coach, and it has justified some of the sessions in which I needed the confidence to apply.

Mr Luis Armando Magno - Brazil - Modern Pentathlon - Competitor
Comments - I liked it so much. I am a Modern Pentathlon Athlete, and I think our running is like a 1500 runner because we have four laps of 800 hundred meters and we have to be very fast in all laps, but not in the 800m pace. I am running 5 or 6 times a week and doing weight training two times, but I have another sport to do. Congratulations on the website!

Mr Moses Semanda - USA - Basketball Competitor
Comments - This site has educated me tremendously about the back-pain condition that I have had for the last 12yrs! I have tried all kinds of specialists, but nobody has ever broken down things for me the way you guys did! I am going to start my exercises today and watch for my progress. After reading your page, I believe that these are the same symptoms I have had for quite some time but with no answers. I would also appreciate it if there is a specific book and or DVD that you would recommend for my tight glute muscles and hamstrings. Thank you very much!!

Miss Lucy Woods - Australia - Athletics Coach & Competitor
Comments - I have been involved with athletics since a young age, it is my passion, and I love to compete. This year, like school sports captain, I had offered to coach athletics as I had done much of it out of school in previous years. Looking through the internet for new material to use in my training programs for the new season, I found this website. I have never come across a more helpful, professional and impressive amount of information and skills. I will continue to use your advice and work for all my training from here on. I appreciate your website, and there isn't a thing I could recommend to make it better. Thank you!

Mrs Blumhagen - Canada - Athletics Coach, Competitor & Official
Comments - I think you have provided a vast array of information. I am a high school coach and beginning official. I found your training plan info of particular interest.

Mr Imran Ali Hashmi - India - Cricket Coach & Competitor
Comments - This website is helpful for coaches and physical education teachers. It gives you in-depth knowledge about physical education which is useful for everyone, especially physical education and sports teacher.

Mr Tino Costa - Brazil - Athletics Competitor
Comments - Excellent site even to professional athletes and coaches.

Miss Stephanie - Canada - Gymnastics Coach & Competitor
Comments - Amazing website! It is a huge help as a refresher, and it has many of the tips and tricks of coaching.

Mr Lewis Church - United Kingdom - Athletics Competitor
Comments - I am emailing as thanks to you and this website. I am 17, participating in the decathlon. When I am stuck on what to do or need to improve, I find your website helps. It is excellent, and I have taken many points from it. Once again thank you.

Mr Priya Wickremasena - Australia - Athletics Coach & Competitor
Comments - Very informative site, I am a coach and also sprinter (400m). I found the information to be very valuable. Keep up the good work.

Mr Gill - United Kingdom - Road Running Competitor
Comments - Excellent articles on heart rate running. Since returning from illness I had nothing but injuries from trying to run too hard, but since running longer and slower, mixed with tempo runs and interval running I have been injury-free, and my fitness is improving weekly. Thanks, I would recommend it to everybody.

Mr Monk - United Kingdom - Athletics Coach & Competitor
Comments - My son is 16, is a keen runner, and I was directed to your site. I have found the content extremely useful, especially the advice on pacing his Tempo Runs. It is clear that he has been going a bit too quickly, so will now follow the guidance you have suggested. Top Work.

Mr Mike Harris - Australia - Athletics Coach & Competitor
Comments - Great source of information, especially junior development.

Miss D - USA - Competitor
Comments - I am not involved in sports, but I thought your page was great. I had a brain tumour and have balance problems. I was in therapy for years but had to stop. I was searching on the internet to remember some of the exercises my physical therapist had me on. This list is almost identical to the customized plan he had me on.

Mr Jeff Clarkson - United Kingdom - Athletics Coach
Comments - I have only today looked at a small section of the site (hill-sand dune running), but my initial feelings are that the correct balance between technical knowledge and simplicity have been applied. I will, when time permits take a more comprehensive look at your site. I am an ex-athlete: County Senior Champion 800/1500m. I was self-coached, but my mentor was the late Professor Tom Reilly who fostered my interest in sports science and my approach to utilizing the best 'tools' and support within a personal strategic planning process based on my business training. Spent a period coaching in the late 80's early 90's (before business commitments took over) but potentially look to return to this in some way soon. Hope that makes some sense and thank you & best of luck for your continuing projects.

Mr Martin Hallren - USA - Swimming Competitor
Comments - I just checked out your glute strengthening to prevent piriformis pain ... You had some great exercises...very well researched site. Thanks a bunch

Miss R. Brown - United Kingdom - Cross country Competitor
Comments - An incredibly helpful website, both as a reference and as guidance or support. Very difficult to find areas for improvement. There are parts of the site I haven't even explored parts of the site yet as I know there is so much interesting and useful content.

Mr Jorge Noriega - Mexico - Cycling Competitor
Comments - As an exercise physio teacher at a university, l am glad to see a close and easy site to understand reading to my students. They are very used to consulting your website and copy-paste the info without developing their research and criteria. Again, congratulations on this great site!

Mr Kieran Doyle - United Kingdom - Boxing Coach & Competitor
Comments - This is the best website I have ever clicked on, I have just passed my level 3 PT, and this site has helped me out BIG TIME! I want to say thank you for the available information. It is so easy to understand just a quick one from me, keep the good work up. Thank you

Mr Dermot Mcdonnell - Ireland - Martial Arts Coach & Competitor
Comments - New to the site find it very helpful in studying exercise and fitness.

Miss Lizl de Villiers - South Africa - Ultra distance Competitor
Comments - Very informative and helpful - especially when looking for info on events for my children that I know nothing about (especially field events like the javelin!) I recommend this site to all parents and even teachers at school. I would like to see more junior specific training tips and programs for middle distances.