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Visitor's Comments - 2008

Your comments on Sports Coach

To help me develop and maintain the Sports Coach website, your comments on its content are essential. You can send me your comments by visiting the Visitor's Feedback page.

Comments received

The following are some of the comments I received in 2008 from visitors to Sports Coach which reflect their views on the content and usefulness of the Sports Coach website. To view comments from other years, please select the appropriate year tag below.

Mr Ivory - United Kingdom - Soccer Competitor
Comments - This is a brilliant website full of helpful information. Thank you for helping me with P.E. coursework and general learning. Much appreciated. A website I will continue to use.

Mrs Bensly - United Kingdom - Official
Comments - I have a feeling this web address will feature strongly in my dissertation bibliography. Thank you!

Mr Ryan Peregrine - Australia - Soccer Competitor
Comments - Thanks a million, this site is making year 12 physical education so much easier to understand. Wondering if you would be able to go into a little more detail about the three phases of Psychological Skill Training; as well as sporting goals (i.e. outcome, process and performance). Once again, thanks.

Mr Dickson - United Kingdom - Athletics Competitor
Comments - Thanks for the resource available, it was proved useful for my A-level exam, which involved fitness testing and target setting. Also, I am an international athlete and the information provided was very helpful. I now want to improve and get better.

Mr John Bowes - Ireland - Boxing Coach & Official
Comments - Fantastic website jam-packed with every bit of information anyone could ever want. Everything is well explained and easy to read. Well done. Keep up the good work.

Miss D. Kulpa - Canada - Road running Competitor
Comments - I think this website is great! I used the 10K training program as a guide to preparing for a 10K race. The workouts were short enough, practical, and varied. I enjoyed that I could monitor my progress. I ran a 10K race and my time was 46:34. My previous time was 50:04. Thanks for your help!

Miss Cox - United Kingdom - Field Hockey Competitor
Comments: I would like to say that I think this is a truly great site. I am in the middle of planning a 6-week exercise programme as part of my GCSE PE coursework, and this site has helped me so much. The details about the different types of training have been very useful. I also take part in athletics and this site has given me so many new training ideas. This is a very comprehensive website which I will be using again. The only thing I would say is that in certain sections diagrams would help explain, and more example exercises to try out would be great. Thank you for a fantastic website!!!

Mr Watkins - Australia - Athletics Coach & Competitor
Comments: This site is jam-packed with information and links to pretty much anything a coach would need. Fantastic job

Mr Stan V - USA - Weight Lifting
Comments - What a fantastic site! You have done a great job. I can quickly find concise understandable information here without digging and digging. Top-notch work!

Mr Smith - United Kingdom - Cricket Competitor
Comments - This is an unbelievable website - I am doing G.C.S.E P.E and have used this site to help me revise and with many homework tasks I have been set.

Miss Steffanie Austin - United Kingdom - Student
Comments - I am doing a BTEC National in Beauty Therapy Sciences - not all slapping a bit of cream on someone's face, I can tell you! Have found these pages invaluable when doing Anatomy assignments gaining distinctions so far in everything!!!!

Mr Whitcombe - United Kingdom - Soccer Competitor
Comments - I must say this website is amazing. Well done, you have put a lot of energy and effort into it. Very informative and so useful. I am currently training to be a Personal Trainer and I am going through a 12-week intensive workout programme on myself. Please keep the information coming. I would like to see more about the science of sport and nutrition. Once again, many thanks.

Mr Simon Gregor - Slovenia - Triathlon Competitor
Comments: This is the best sports training website I have ever been on. Keep up the good work.

Mr Fred Bunyan - United Kingdom
Comments: I wanted to relay that, in my opinion, you have one of the most informative all-around track and field websites I have ever encountered. Thank you! The knowledge will be put to good use.

Mr Graeme Wicks - United Kingdom - Soccer Competitor
Comments: Excellent website helps with coursework and revision. Cannot think of a lot to improve, keep up the good work.

Mr Kotey - United Kingdom - Martial Arts Competitor
Comments - I think this is a very informative site with lots of relevant information and up to date resources. Thanks. I couldn't possibly comment on how to make this site any better.

Mr Carlos Gonzalez - USA - Athletics - Competitor
Comments - This website is great. The information on the website helped me get my long jump form and jump better. Thanks.

Mr Neil Brady - United Kingdom - Badminton Competitor
Comments - This site is the coach I never had. It has become an invaluable source of information to me, and I am very grateful for your advice. I have had heart problems in the past and decided to run the Bobby Moore 5k last year. Only afterwards did I find your site. The information I have learnt from you is tremendous. You have helped me to become a fitter healthier person. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge, I will be running onwards and upwards toward the 10k and half marathon soon.

Ms Scott Simpson - United Kingdom - Golf Competitor
Comments - I find this site very useful.

Mrs Walton - United Kingdom - Netball Coach & Official
Comments: Excellent. Came across it by chance and have lots of useful info on a variety of topics I am particularly interested in. Like to see suggested diet/nutrition plans for all sports player.

Mr Vigneshwaran - India - Weight Lifting Coach
Comments - Hi, I am Vignesh from India. I regularly visit your website It is more informative to me. I benefit from this site and I thank you for helping all the sportspeople

Mr Farhan - Malaysia - Basketball Competitor
Comments - Very informative. It helps me a lot for my study in PE. This website might be my popular reference spot later.

Mr Tompkins - United Kingdom - Soccer Coach and Competitor
Comments - This website has helped me no end in my A-level Studies and my Coaching Qualification. There has not been an article that I have not been able to find, I'd like to say thanks!

Mr D Flemington - United Kingdom - Ultra Distance runner
Comments - May I say how good your site is. It is full of technical and practical information that is easy to read and easy to cross-reference. Excellent.

Mr Alexander - Colombia - Ultimate Frisbee - Coach, Competitor and Official
Comments - Big greets from Colombia - Thank you for the information, it has been the complete and specializing mass of the network that I have found and helping myself to train my team of Ultimate Frisbee.

Miss B Saville - United Kingdom - Cross country - Competitor
Comments - Hi, I wanted to say that your site has been helpful in helping me to understand the sessions my coach sets me and how they contribute to my fitness. I am going for a GB vest this March in the English Schools, hopefully, it will go well.

Stephen Haw - UK
Comments - l am a former student of St Helens college studying Sports & Exercise Science at NP level. During my time there I managed to ace pretty much all my assignments first time and a lot of that is thanks to you. Your website helped me out so many times when I was up late at night and I needed a vital piece of information for my work and it was too late to grab a book from the library. No matter what I was looking for your site always had some form of helpful information to help me along. I thank you for this.

Mr A Jones - United Kingdom - Soccer Competitor
Comments - Excellent site, helped me a lot on how to improve my strength. Recommend it to any coach/instructor.