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Visitor's Comments - 2010

Your comments on Sports Coach

To help me develop and maintain the Sports Coach website, your comments on its content are essential. You can send me your comments by visiting the Visitor's Feedback page.

Comments received

The following are some of the comments I received in 2010 from visitors to Sports Coach which reflect their views on the content and usefulness of the Sports Coach website. To view comments from other years, please select the appropriate year tag below.

Miss Malan - United Kingdom - Swimming Coach & Competitor
Comments - I think that this website is one of the best sports websites around. It has helped me with so much of my GCSE coursework and A level coursework. I would recommend this website to anyone wanting to find out information on sport and such.

Mr Kenna - Australia - Rugby Coach
Comments - I have been coaching Rugby for the past 14 years and continually utilise your site, so thank you for providing and maintaining it. It is an exceptional resource and extremely easy to use. It is an extreme benefit.

Miss Jenkins - United Kingdom - Swimming Competitor
Comments - I wanted to mention how helpful your website is. I am in my second year in university and can always guarantee that your site is useful every time. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Mr Jacopo Buongiorno - USA - Triathlon Competitor
Comments - Excellent summary of approaches to estimate aerobic capacity/VO2 max.

Mr Don Steen - USA - Coach
Comments: I am impressed with your website. It is almost overwhelming. Specifically, I am finding the information on sprinting to be very useful. As a first-year sprint coach at the high school with no post-high school sprint experience, I had no idea where to begin to be an effective coach. The information you provide is inspiring. I am taking this information and developing a training program for our sprinter and creating a manual so that our athletes can learn the 'science of speed' to gain a better idea about why they are doing the training we do. This may seem like an obvious thing to you, but I can assure that no one has ever tried to 'teach' our kids to be fast. In the past, our athletes have been given a daily training routine and told to execute it. There has been minimal coaching of technique or mechanics beyond 'stay relaxed'. Anyway, thanks again, and I look forward to the spring when I can gauge the results after having trained using your information as a guide.

Mr Mark Methven - United Kingdom - Badminton Coach
Comments - As Ex-National Coach of England, Portugal and Ireland in the sport of badminton I'd like to congratulate you on what I consider to be possibly the best website I have ever seen for coaching support. It is written clearly and concisely and, overall, is excellent.

Miss Rhian Davies - United Kingdom - Triathlon Coach & Competitor
Comments - I teach and use this as a reference in many of my subjects. I love playing hockey and doing triathlons. It is a fantastic tool for improving my performance.

Mr S Daraska - Canada - Weight Lifting Coach and Competitor
Comments - I think this website is a remarkable resource.

Mrs Ina Durmu - Turkey - Competitor
Comments - Very nice site. Information is wonderful. Thank you very much

Mr Pooya Soltani - Iran - Swimming Coach & Competitor
Comments - As an M.Sc. student of Exercise Physiology, I want to thank you for your useful information provided here. I enjoyed the simplicity of your website too.

Mrs Gray - United Kingdom - Swimming Competitor
Comments -I am currently studying for a Diploma in diet & nutrition. I found your web page while researching fluids. This page was very informative and explained the subject in a smooth, clear manner but with the relevant statistics. Thank you for the assistance it gave me.

Mr Sidney - United Kingdom - Road running Coach & Competitor
Comments - I am currently studying Level 3 Advanced Gym Instructor, and the information within the website helps reinforce the coursework. The site will continue to be of help once I find work. Your website is a confidence-booster. Thank you.

Miss Cornwall - United Kingdom - Cycling Coach and Competitor
Comments - Great and easy to use.

Mr Brownlee - United Kingdom - Soccer Competitor
Comments - Great website helped me so much. May I ask who won gold in the AAA championships of 1969. Silver is still a superb effort. Thanks.

Mr Evans - United Kingdom - Tennis Competitor
Comments: Great site Brian. Helpful for myself and my friends. Hard luck in the 1969 AAA championships. Silver is a fantastic effort.

Mr Manmahendra - India - Cricket Competitor
Comments: This is an excellent site with all the information about sports coach visitors and their feedback.

Miss Jenn - USA - Archery Competitor
Comments - Wow, this article is fantastic. I didn't think much about the use of hypnosis - besides it being a form of entertainment - until now. Your info has been a great help, and I appreciate it. Thanks.

Mr Tuhin Chowdhury - United Kingdom - Weight Lifting Competitor
Comments - This site is merely excellent. It gives us plenty of information on athletics, bodybuilding and losing body fat. Thanks a lot, to the owner of the site.

Mrs Kathleen B. - USA - Swimming Competitor
Comments - This is my first visit to your site. I find it comprehensive, clear, and well designed. I will bookmark your home page.

Mr Hanson - Australia - Competitor
Comments - I cannot thank the creator of this site enough. This has helped my Exam preparation immensely thank you so much, and it is free too. You guys are amazing. keep up the good work

Mr Dan Neal - USA - Competitor
Comments - I have perused your site and find it is one of the most informative single sources on the web for sport-related exercise information for those wanting to be their trainer.

Ms Byfield - United Kingdom - Swimming Coach and Competitor
Comments - I always check out this website when I need some information. I tell my friends who are coaches or instructors to visit the site as there are lots to read and buy. Thanks.

Mr James Campbell - United Kingdom - Rugby Coach, Competitor and Official
Comments - l am yet again putting together material for close season maintenance and pre-season fitness training. In doing so, I reminded myself that this is the fifth year that I have been basing most of my work on your excellent resource. I have been visiting your website for ideas in the five years. I have always found the content fantastic. The depth and breadth of knowledge available are excellent and allows me to investigate the principles applied to other sporting disciplines and seek to include them in the training sessions that I deliver to keep them fresh and exciting for that participants.

Mr Raidan Nagi - USA - Athletics Competitor
Comments - This is the best website ever. Thank you guys so much, seriously I have learned so much not towards running but the body and life situations. Thank you very much.

Mr Nick Chapman - United Kingdom - Martial Arts Coach and Competitor
Comments - I love the site. It provides resources on every conceivable aspect of sports performance and conditioning. I am constantly referring to the website for more in-depth knowledge and understanding of specific areas, and I have never been disappointed.

Mr J.P - South Africa - Boxing Competitor
Comments - Hey guys, thanks for the great website - it is the best on the internet, keep it up!

Mr Shokunbi - USA - Football (USA)
Comments - The page for predicted HRmax formulas is beneficial. Good job!

Mrs Hill - South Africa - Athletics Competitor
Comments - Excellent website- thank you very much for all the information.

Mr Hewitt - Ireland
Comments - l am an academic student in need of more info; thus, I came here. Studying for a test and I found the information very understanding and clear and straight to the point. A+

Mr Dave McQuillen - United Kingdom - Orienteering Coach, Competitor & Official
Comments - First of all, I must say that I think your website is excellent. I was initially introduced to it through British Orienteering's UKCC Level 1 Coaching Handbook, where it recommends your site explicitly for examples of dynamic and static stretching.

Mr Palmer - United Kingdom - Boxing Coach
Comments - I would like to say that I find this website handy and exciting. I recently took my level 3 boxing coaching course and found the site very useful. Although I must confess that a lot of it goes straight over my head to start with, it starts to make sense after a few more reads. I have already learnt so much from this website, and I find it very compelling.

Mr Marc Randell - USA - Swimming Competitor
Comments - This is a beautiful website. I read your sports psychology article, and it was great.

Mr Maruti - India - Cycling Competitor
Comments: This is a fantastic site. This site has all the information about sports training and their feedbacks.

Mr Shuhrat - Uzbekistan - Triathlon Competitor
Comments - Hi dear team of this website! I want to say thank you for the great job that you are doing by preparing this information about the sport (especially running).

Miss Samantha Vodden - United Kingdom - Competitor
Comments - This website is brilliant! The information is what I wanted. It gives me all the calculations I could wish to kickstart me back into action. I have been out of the gym and everything for a while now I will use this information alongside an HRM to train low impact and work back up to functional fitness. Thank you,

Mr Rahul Mali - India - Athletics Competitor
Comments - Thanks for the valuable information; it is handy for me to improve my performance.

Miss Kim - USA - Cycling Competitor
Comments: I like the information you have on this website. I was told to visit here when taking an exercise and prescription class in undergraduate school.

Mr Radomir Velkov - Australia - Athletics Coach & Competitor
Comments - Hi guys, your website is spot-on. I found all the information that I needed. You are the champions. Thanks a lot.