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Visitor's Comments - 2009

Your comments on Sports Coach

To help me develop and maintain the Sports Coach website your comments on its content are essential. You can send me your comments by visiting the Visitor's Feedback page.

Comments received

The following are some of the comments I have received in 2009 from visitors to Sports Coach which reflect their views on the content and usefulness of the Sports Coach website. To view comments from other years please select the appropriate year tag below.

Ms Tiffany Thomas - USA - Athletics Coach
Comments - I have just begun my foray into coaching. I helped coach a high school girls' basketball team and I will now be preparing to coach a track team. I came upon this site while looking for some drills for practice. I think this is a fabulous site. It is very informative and detail oriented. I saved it to my Favourites right away. Kudos to the creators of this site. It is extremely helpful, especially for those just now journeying back into the world of sports.

Mr Eric A. Simpson - United Kingdom - Athletics Coach (UKA4)
Comments - An excellent website which I recommend to other coaches of all ages. It probably covers all aspects of coaching in a concise and readable/understandable way. I use it on a regular basis to clarify my thoughts on certain issues. Long may it continue.

Mr Colwell - United Kingdom - Athletics Competitor, Coach and Official
Comments - This site is absolutely fantastic! Your site has provided me with a wealth of useful information on not only my main sports but also those I have a go and coach. It is by far the best place on the internet to look for sporting information and has been of enormous benefit to me. I thank you for the wealth of information you make available and for its accuracy and usefulness.

Mr David Woods - Australia - Athletics Coach and Competitor
Comments - Around seven years ago I had the urge to get back into athletics and burned myself up trying to train like I had as a youth - during the 6 months it took to get over the Achilles inflammation as a result of my folly I scoured the web and media for a sensible approach to starting training. When I found your site, it was like discovering a gold mine, I spent weeks poring over it following the various threads, sometimes feeling I was tying myself in knots but basically learning and discovering a massive range of info and ideas to build my own programme. I was incredibly grateful for the resource and the lack of selling attached to it - though subsequently did get a bit bombarded by the peak performance people. It is an amazing gift and I recommend it highly to anyone who needs to know anything about track athletics. Thank you

Mr Siddiqi - Pakistan - Athletics Competitor
Comments - I would like to thank the management and creator of this website. It has proved itself to be an invaluable source of information and I have used it intensively as a guide for my training.

Mr Gary Smallman - United Kingdom - Athletics Coach and Competitor
Comments - I am studying sports science at university and this website has helped me out through my past two years. Thank you so much. I recommend this website to anyone looking for sport-related information. Thanks once again

Mrs Janet Peck - United Kingdom - Canoeing Coach
Comments - This is my first visit to this website. Having only just touched on your introduction to Sports psychology I am already hooked and will read now on a daily basis. Since embarking on the coaching pathway over the last 18 months I have found it a challenge to cope with different individuals within the coaching environment and I am now hungry to learn more about the 4C's and techniques for dealing with them. I especially wish to learn more about anxiety and its relationship to performance.

Mr Steve Cranston - United Kingdom - Boxing Coach
Comments - Hard to improve on near perfection. As a level III boxing coach, I found this coaching site to be an absolute goldmine of info. Would love to see a bit more boxing specific info but generally, everything needed is covered if you search a little. This web page has really changed my approach to training my boxers. They are reaping the benefits as is my own personal coaching development. I regularly use your testing techniques to record an increase in fitness levels, giving my boxers great feedback. At present, I have personally recommended this site to about 30 boxing coaches. Great work and very easy to understand. Many Thanks, Steve Cranston

Mr McKenzie - United Kingdom - Triathlon Competitor
Comments - This is just a quick note to say what a fantastic resource you offer. I also double as a personal trainer with a thirst for knowledge about all things training related. l am a member of many worldwide forums and own an extensive library of all things training related, however, I have this site marked as a favourite and its one of my first Go To Sites for, sound, well researched and articulately presented information. Keep up the great work.

Mr Paul Benade - United Kingdom - Martial Arts Competitor
Comments - This is an extremely well set out and highly informative site, especially with all items covered i.e. basic training through to scientific info. Congratulations!!!! Keep up the excellent work

Mr Jay Brittle Rooster - USA - Cycling Competitor
Comments - Found your explanations clear and your calculator easy to use. I have made up a reference sheet to use while on my indoor cycling trainer and referenced your site for additional information. Thank you for your website

Mr Beevor - United Kingdom - Rugby Competitor
Comments - I have followed your website for some time and find it an invaluable reference tool. I am in the Army and over my career have done a lot of 'Phys' and sport. I find your site really useful when putting together my own training plan and helping others with theirs. I like the cross-referencing on the website where different topics are linked to each other.

Mr Rohit Vishwakarma - United Kingdom - Road running Competitor
Comments - Thank you for putting together this excellent material, this really helped me during my training for performance and weight loss.

Mr Cook - United Kingdom - Weight Lifting - Coach Competitor
Comments - I think that this is the best website I have ever taken a look at. I think that it could be improved by adding more pictures.

Mr Dominic Lim - Malaysia - Badminton Coach
Comments - Though I don't see badminton as one of your covered sports I do find the content very good and useful. The best part is they are very clearly explained which make them easy to understand! Keep up the good work!

Mr Amin Khalid Abdalla - Soccer Coach
Comments - I think it is a great site and a wonderful idea. It is nice for us sitting here in a faraway place to be able to check on such a site and get all the useful information available. Thanks a lot for your endeavour.

Ms Kate Engel - USA - Tennis Competitor
Comments - I am currently working on a research project for graduate school. I am a student physical therapist and would like to use your name to give you credit for your website. I found it very helpful to use and got lots of information for our project from it.

Mr D Kirby - United Kingdom - England Fencing Coach Tutor
Comments - l am reading for a research degree (MPhil (Education) at University of Birmingham) and I thought you'd like to know I have found your site very useful, helpful and a great boon to my research, coaching and instruction! Thank you.

Mr Harrison - United Kingdom - Soccer Competitor
Comments - I am a big fan of this website. I have searched for other websites similar to this but I find this one the best, the easiest to understand and all the information I need and require is here. I am a keen sportsman I play football, tennis, cricket but football is my main hobby. I am just about to start preseason training with my local football teams.

Ms Balson - United Kingdom - Athletics Coach & Competitor
Comments - It is very helpful and as a new coach in this field I find it very informative with my studying. Thank you for your invaluable help.

Mr Young - United Kingdom - Judo Competitor
Comments - Thanks for putting all this information on the web. l am slowly working my way through it and developing/improving my own training programme.

Mr Brian Kirsopp - United Kingdom - Road running Competitor
Comments - Hard to think how to improve your site, excellent source of information

Mr Roberts - United Kingdom - Soccer Competitor
Comments - I would just like to thank the maker of this website as it has been such a great help for me as I have been doing my P.E. GCSE coursework.

Ms Delaney - United Kingdom - Road running Competitor
Comments - I have really found this website, in particular, the race prediction which for me is spot on. Other race predictors were too fast and now I know my work is cut out to get my sub 40 minutes 10k!!!

Mrs Hassan - United Kingdom - Coach
Comments - l am studying anatomy to become an exercise coach for older/disabled people and I really found this website very helpful. The information was clear and precise, and just what I was looking for to help me with my exam. Overall, I thought this website was very informative.

Mr Robin Kiff - United Kingdom - Rugby Competitor
Comments - Think website is fantastic and l am enjoying reading it. Amazing.

Mr Heil - USA - Rugby Competitor
Comments - I really like this site. l am new to working out and needed a way to build my own workout routine. I enjoyed using your Training Program (40 yd dash) as a baseline. I also like the science behind training, and this site is great in that aspect. I ended up making a workout card for myself, which is in an excel spreadsheet. It has my exercises listed in rows and the respective columns are my 1RM, 3RM, etc. I also included two columns to input Weight and Reps, and used Brzycki's equation to automatically fill in the columns for RM. I really enjoy the fact that a lot of the information on your site, including the calculators, is free, and I want to contribute by giving you the workout card I made if you think you could use it.

Mr Ramsy - USA - Competitor
Comments - Well done site. It would be extremely useful to provide pictures or sketches of various exercises, such as kickboxing, aerobic exercises etc. that could be used by individuals at their home etc. I know it is asking too much, but with economic troubles, any help to seniors will be appreciated. Thanks again for your wonderful probing work.

Mr Den - United Kingdom - Cross Country Competitor
Comments - What a fantastic one-stop-site - there is so much information to read here that I am finding answers to all those questions I had been meaning to research but never got around to - thanks for making this site so comprehensive.

Mr F McCarthy - United Kingdom - Tennis Competitor
Comments - Your site is excellent. I have only just come across it but so far what I have found has been very beneficial. I have been competing in Triathlon for around 5 years and will be using your site to move my training up a level.

Mrs Burgess - Belgium - Martial Arts Coach & Competitor
Comments - I just wanted to let you know, what a great site this is. I work at a fitness centre for the military and this site is just fantastic for research. Thank you, keep up the good work!!!

Ms Bhawna Mittal - India - Judo Coach, Competitor, Official
Comments - I am a lecturer in physical education in a degree college in India. I am very happy to see your website materials and give you very much thanks for contributing your work to sports. I like your site and I will try to give my contribution to this site if you wish.

Mr Vishwanath - India - Athletics Coach, Official
Comments - It is fantastic, marvellous. I got all the information that I need.

Ms Pearl C - Ireland - Football (USA) - Competitor
Comments - I would just like to say that this website is very informative and helpful, as I am doing a sports course it beneficial to my course.

Mr Allen Fisher - USA - Arm Wrestling Coach & Competitor
Comments - I was looking up some information on our bodies four energy systems and came across your website. Thank you so much for putting it up for the world to see. It is absolutely incredible! Thanks for sharing your expertise in such a way that anyone could learn from it. I have been a world class athlete for 30 years now and still dominate people 30 years younger than me. I have been able to achieve 26 World Championship title in the sports of Arm Wrestling and continue to be at the age of 53.

Mr Cross - United Kingdom - Soccer
Comments - Great website, just reading some of the information on the cardiovascular system for a university assignment.

Mr Nigel Hill - Australia - Coach and Competitor
Comments - Great website. With the general research, I do on the net to keep current with ideas and new theories it is the one I have found I read from most. Thanks

Mr Luis Candeias - Belgium - Coach
Comments - Every time I visit your website I am absolutely amazed by the amount and clear organization of information you have collected. It is also always humbling to find so much new to learn. Thank you very much!

Mr Alan Jenki - Road running Coach & Competitor
Comments - You have a very comprehensive site -- congratulations! As a runner, I did not spend time looking at the other sports but found you a good source of information on running.

Mr Thomas Miller - USA
Comments - First of all your site is one of the most useful and well-organized sites with great quality of information. I have bookmarked your site and come back to it often, particularly for heart rate training information. What would be very helpful for me is more information specific to a guy my age (55) that trains 4-6 days a week for good health and athletic fitness, but not to compete in any sport.

Mr Jack Norris - United Kingdom - Badminton Competitor
Comments - Great site, has helped me greatly. Thanks!

Mr Ron Bennett - United Kingdom - Angling Coach
Comments - Your website full of useful information and has helped me during my level 2 coaching course as an Angling Coach. Could be improved by including Angling in the list of sports and more specific coaching tips on Angling.

Mr Chebet Milton - UK - Badminton Coach & Official
Comments - The site is so helpful, it has almost every topic I need to know about sports. Please keep up.