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Visitor's Comments - 2012

Your comments on Sports Coach

To help me develop and maintain the Sports Coach website, your comments on its content are essential. You can send me your comments by visiting the Visitor's Feedback page.

Comments received

The following are some of the comments I received in 2012 from visitors to Sports Coach which reflect their views on the content and usefulness of the Sports Coach website. To view comments from previous years, please select the appropriate year tag below.

Mr Joe Boyle - Ireland - Road running Competitor
Comments - I love the website and feel it is probably one of the most informative sites I have visited. I have recently started as a personal trainer and have been able to get great information, especially around circuit training and fitness testing.

Mr Lorett - United Kingdom - Weight Lifting Competitor
Comments - As an ex-gym instructor who has got back into the gym for the first time this century, I think your site is excellent. When I qualified the internet was not around and you either spent a lot on books or hoped the instructors understood what they were telling you. I think your broad-minded approach giving many differing theories, all excellently referenced is getting me interested again. Quite apart from being my guinea pig and seeing what one's body can do at 62. Surprisingly more than I expected - early days though! Anyway, compliments on a beneficial and exciting site.

Mr Farrell - Ireland - Cross country Coach & Competitor
Comments - Brilliant site, stacked with info which is easy to understand. Excellent gave me a better understanding of what session to formulate, and how often to give them to my group of xcountry runners.

Miss Marta Rumian - United Kingdom - Competitor
Comments - I am a Massage Therapist from Brighton. Currently, I am studying Sports Massage, Level 4. I am writing some of my assessments, and I found your website very helpful, informative and straightforward. A lovely job! Have a prosperous 2012!

Mrs R Adams - United Kingdom - Swimming Competitor
Comments -This article is fascinating and confirms what I have always thought about the need to put thousands of metres of pool time a week. My daughter swims competitively, and I have made a point of urging her to put 100% into her sessions while we send her to fewer sessions than her peers. As a result, she is doing very well, and although she has health issues, her times are improving quite considerably. When I swam in my 20's, I managed to attain Olympic qualifying times in less than three years of training. Whenever I trained, I put in maximum effort. As I was working shifts at the time, I could not attend all sessions and topped up my training with running and cycling. Everything I did as a swimmer went against convention, yet I produced phenomenal results over a short period. I will be sharing this article with my daughter's swim coach and the other parents as clearly, here in the UK we could do with some help from our elite swimmers! Many thanks again.

Mr Richardson - United Kingdom - Athletics Coach & Official
Comments - Absolutely brilliant site, full of great information and tips, used it for various sports, events and references, keep up great work.

Mr Jonathan Blake - United Kingdom - Soccer Competitor
Comments - It is beneficial, helps towards essays for university.

Mr Elliot - USA - Ultra distance Competitor
Comments - Your information is exhaustive and daunting. It is preparing to see how serious it is to coach. I coach my son who high jumps for a track club. This information is so valuable to me. I will be digesting this information for several years. It can be used by a novice like me and a professional. Congratulations on an excellent product as this.

Mr Sangwan - Netherlands
Comments - This is an excellent site with lots of information. I looked everywhere on the internet, but surely this one is the best and a complete resource you can find. You are doing a great job, and I still have so many items to read on your site, which has everything a sports person would need.

Mr John Crewe - United Kingdom - Triathlon Coach & Competitor
Comments - A short note to say how much I value your website. As a previously part-time coach while serving in the RAF and now a full-time coach (hockey and triathlon) and personal trainer I find myself returning to it again and again as a trustworthy and comprehensive resource. Please keep it going.

Mrs Deb Mayfield - USA - Swimming
Comments - Unbelievably helpful. I have a 15-year-old daughter swimming for a well-known team. Recently had a disappointing season. As for athletes (runners) at the elite level, we both feel concerned with training. We will attempt your info to coaches. As a distance swimmer, she believes she should be practising race pace during practice for longer sets. This is contrary to what is happening. Handy info THANK YOU.

Mr Shaheed - South Africa - Cycling Competitor
Comments - What an informative site this is a great well-documented site and laid out in not too technical jargon and easy to understand. Keep up the great work - well appreciated.

Mrs Murphy - Australia - Roller Derby - Competitor
Comments - What an informative website!!! Would love to see women's roller derby added to your list of sports.

Mr O'Neil - United Kingdom - Basketball Competitor
Comments - This site is fantastic - it did wonders for my homework and helped me improve as a basketball player.

Mr David O'Connor - Ireland - Cycling Competitor
Comments - This is an excellent site with a ton of information. You have covered well beyond anything I could have thought was possible on one site. It must have taken quite a long time to put together and as they say in the US, Good job!

Mr Turner - Thailand - Road running Competitor
Comments - Excellent site, it is a pity more sports coaches do not read their subject thoroughly.

Mr Boussombo - Canada - Athletics Competitor
Comments - For me, this is the bible!

Miss Maarya - U. A. Emirates - Netball Competitor
Comments - It was extremely helpful with providing information for me to design my circuit training workout at home. The facts were clear and concise but also detailed and thorough. I know I can refer back to this website if I have a query, to increase the difficulty in my training sessions. The only thing I can think of as an improvement is explaining what exercises improve mobility, strength, stamina, speed, flexibility, etc. Thanks so much!

Mr J. Pathirana - Sri Lanka - Athletics Coach & Official
Comments - It is handy for us to refer. Because all the data are there what we need & it is updated knowledge. Designing very attractive too. Thanks a LOT.

Mr Darshan Weeraisnghe - Sri Lanka - Cricket Competitor & Official
Comments - Amazing site with tons of helpful info. All for free. Thanks, Brian!

Miss Sasithorn - Thailand - Badminton - Official
Comments - Thank you so much that share the valuable knowledge to me because your information is precise and sophisticated.

Mr Peter Joyce - United Kingdom - Rugby Coach
Comments - This is a handy resource. Plenty of technical detail without being too academic. It is comprehensive (massive amount of information and advice). Most activities do not require hi-tech equipment, but maybe a section devoted to using state of the art stuff would help people see where they could go. (GPS monitors for team sports etc.) Big thanks

Mr Nigel Munyati - Zimbabwe - Soccer Coach & Official
Comments - I think the information on the website is excellent. I am founder and director of Aces Youth Soccer Academy in Zimbabwe.

Mr David Jabbour - Australia - Martial Arts Coach
Comments - Hi, I wanted to thank you as this website has been the primary source of information I seek advice from to succeed in my fitness courses and improve the way I trained. This site has undoubtedly more useful articles than all other fitness websites reunited.

Mr Armin Ray - Germany - Athletics Coach & Competitor
Comments - Excellent site with practical information for everyone to understand.

Mr PWR - United Kingdom - Cycling
Comments - Excellent information on the training zones. Thank you. How could it be improved? Keep it up! Nice

Mr Tinesh Bhasin - India - Road running Competitor
Comments - I like everything here. Must have spent more than hour reading the content. I will keep coming back all the time. It is very well organized.

Mr Chris Michael - United Kingdom - Athletics Competitor
Comments - Very well laid out and simple to use. As a person who has decided to try sprinting again after 30 years, the planning and actual exercises/training are beneficial. Perhaps an area for consideration is age-related plans/training. Perhaps more 'quality' training than the number of exercises may help the middle-aged like me?! Thank you.

Mr Simpson - United Kingdom - Athletics Coach
Comments - As usual an excellent site that I give a full reference to when lecturing in Scotland's wilds.

Mr Richard Bland - United Kingdom - Cycling
Comments - I thought it is an excellent site with lots of useful information, I shall keep it in my favourites and hope I can use it if I can ever find the time to get on my bike again. Thank you!

Ms Anuradha Shastry - India - Ultra distance Coach & Competitor
Comments -This is a great site - accidentally stumbled upon it I was looking for some dynamic stretching, which was perfect. Thanks.

Mr Winslow - USA - Cycling Competitor
Comments - I bookmarked this page because I need to refer to it as I work on my training.

Miss E McNaught - Australia - Athletics Competitor
Comments - I live in remote Australia and have difficulty getting the coaching I need. Your website is FANTASTIC for coaching tips and getting a general idea of the training I should be doing. Thank you very, very much.

Mr Robson Diniz Vieira - Brazil - Triathlon Coach & Competitor
Comments - Congratulations! Excellent site! Information of high quality! Whenever I can, I will refer to this site to improve my work! God bless you!

Mr Robert Allen - United Kingdom - Cross country Competitor
Comments - Great, I study Edexel Physical Education at school, and the ethics and principles you apply are the same as I am learning, and your site has helped me loads as you have the WHOLE spec for me to read.

Ms Hewson-Green - Australia - Cross country Competitor
Comments - I wanted to let you know how excellent I think your website is! I am a fitness trainer and recently had to complete some further study. Your website has been indispensable to me. Thanks for such great work.

Mr Sanjog Deep Singh - India - Athletics Coach & Competitor
Comments - This website is so good for learning and getting knowledge. I put this website for sports and physical education as one of the best sites, as I am preparing for many job vacancies I suggest to please add some quiz lessons from the entire content. Thanks a lot, Brian

Mr Devender Chauhan - India - Ultra distance Competitor
Comments - The website is excellent, but I could not find any specific training schedule for the ultra-marathon. Will be helpful if you could share some of the 100 miler or 24hr endurance run schedule.

Mr Peter Berry - Canada - Basketball Competitor
Comments - It is an excellent website. I realize you need advertising, but in my opinion, you need to be more selective about your advertisers.

Mr Macotela - Mexico - Triathlon Competitor
Comments - Let me tell you that you have one of the complete sites regarding triathlon coaching systems. This is my first triathlon, and your website is useful in terms of nutrition, injury-free training, etc. All important questions regarding training, here I found the scientific answers because the net is full of information, but only a few display reliable information. I think you have state of the art information, and your diagrams have to follow this direction. Maybe you can improve your biomechanics pictures as they are not at the same level than the information displayed. Keep the good work!

Mrs Kindig - USA - Athletics Coach
Comments -I am getting started with coaching a group in pole vaulting & am finding your articles excellent & helpful. I am working with junior high & high school boys girls of all different skill levels and abilities. I want to help them reach their goals and improve their techniques, but some struggle with the mental aspect of the vault. Your coaching articles help me learn how to train them and reach them with individual communication that they each understand.

Miss V. Fraser - United Kingdom - Swimming Competitor
Comments - I was browsing your page on the nutrient requirement and was interested to notice that in the links to be read in conjunction with the page you listed an eating disorder page first. I am very grateful and impressed by this website. So much so that I am compelled to write to you and thank you for your perceptiveness and foresight. I have an eating disorder, which is how I came to your page searching for information on nutrition, and I know from experience that it is a prevalent yet underreported problem among athletes. I commend you for including this acknowledgement in your page. I hope that in seeing it, others will take note and question themselves on the depth and reasoning behind their interest in the nutritional aspect of the sport, or realise that they are indulging a disordered behaviour pattern by dissecting every aspect of their diet beyond a basic awareness. Thank you for a well-structured, informative website and for providing the wider community with your expertise.

Mr Chris Chapman - United Kingdom - Cycling Competitor
Comments - I find it fascinating to dip in and out of your website. I hope that some of the critical techniques will sink in enough for them to influence the outcome of my training. I will be practising the relaxation technique (I think it was Benson's) as it sounds like it could work for me. The whole area of sports performance-optimizing is incredibly fascinating. I feel that in many ways the science has the potential for tremendous advances, particularly in targeting training programs to individuals rather than demographic groups based on statistical data. I will continue to check out this site. Many thanks for making it available.

Mr Eric Wong - Canada - Martial Arts Competitor
Comments - You have an excellent website full of quality information. I have visited many times and have always benefited from doing so. Thank you for making such information available! Glad to see others giving people valuable information, not marketing hype.

Mr Joseph Fleming - USA - Athletics Coach
Comments - Thank you so much for an excellent site with so much shared information. I am coaching at a small high school in San Francisco and have utilized your information extensively to help my young athletes improve themselves for the short term and the rest of their lives. Kudos to you for all the research you have done and made available to so many.

Ms Laurie Thomas - Canada - Athletics Coach
Comments - What an outstanding resource for coaches and athletes. I have been recruited to coach the track and field team in a high school that has never had a track team!! I had very little knowledge of running a track and field practice before I came across this website. Now I feel like I know to run a practice and condition and train my athletes to become better at their specific events. Thank you for creating this OUTSTANDING resource. #1 on the Web!!!!!

Mr Manuel Velasco - Mexico - Judo Competitor & Official
Comments - I have visited this site for years, and I do not have any suggestion to improve it. Everything is OK. Congratulations!

Mr Frye - USA - Coach & Competitor
Comments - Terrific content, love the detail and volume of topics. Would be nice if the menu were easier to navigate through a drop-down versus scrolling the page eternally - but that's relatively minor. Keep up the great work.

Mr Henderson - USA - Athletics Coach & Competitor
Comments - I have found your site very helpful. It contains a lot of useful information.

Mr Joseph Sarti - USA - Coach
Comments - Well done, I appreciate and is a useful reference for things. Thank you for sharing your wealth and abundance of knowledge

Mr Mohammed Azam - India - Coach
Comments - Well, I find crucial information about an athlete's fitness level and the common man. Your website is beneficial and useful. Thanks

Mr P - USA - Coach
Comments - Solid information on a well put together site. Thanks.

Mr Baljit Singh - India - Field Hockey Coach & Competitor
Comments - Your site is total good. I give you five stars. I am studying a Masters of Physical Education.

Mrs Henriksen - USA - Volleyball Competitor
Comments - I am the parent of a volleyball player. I appreciate all the information I found on this site.

Ms P. Fox - United Kingdom - Coach
Comments - Having just spent several hours looking through your website, I felt compelled to give you some feedback. Quite something; enormously comprehensive with a breath of topics second to none I have come across in a site. Well done mate

Mr Amir Ihsan - Malaysia - Martial Arts Competitor
Comments - I Googled "the right way of stretching'" and I came upon this site. It is useful and helpful. Full of varieties on the topics I would like to learn. It is accessible and adequate, considering the information is aided by pictures, making learning much faster. Also, the information is convincing, considering the sources and citation provided are legit. The improvement could be made through the enlargement of the size of a picture or animated picture provided. You should be given credit for all this hard work that is free to visitors like me. You earn it that much. Thank you very much. Anyway, keep up the excellent work. Oh, it is time for me to try these stretching out.

Mr Drew Vasilev - Canada - Canoeing Coach & Competitor
Comments - A excellent site. Adequately comprehensive because of the breadth and depth of the information. I am a dragon boat coach of both a competitive level and high-performance teams. The 'sports coach' website is inspiring and informative although limited considering the specific sport, i.e. speed drills, endurance drills, power drills relative to heart rate training zones. Thanks for the site. I like it!