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Visitor's Comments - 2018

Your comments on Sports Coach

To help me develop and maintain the Sports Coach website, your comments on its content are essential. You can send me your comments by visiting the Visitor's Feedback page.

Comments received

The following are some of the comments I received in 2018 from visitors to Sports Coach which reflect their views on the content and usefulness of the Sports Coach website. To view comments from previous years, please select the appropriate year tag below.

Mr Tassos Kardaras - Greece - Basketball Coach
Comments - I am a basketball coach for young athletes (10-18 years old) for almost 20 years now. I have discovered your site nearly five years now, and it was helpful to categorize the athletes I train, to estimate their overall progress and to adapt the training when I spot something "not right" in the test results I make. My favourite test is the quadrathlon, mainly because it tests the overall athletic ability but also for available evaluation. I also make body measurements (height, arm length, etc.) and vertical jump. I have the luck to coach the last ten years a top-class group of kids that are among the top of the local league. I currently coach 13 and 14 years old kids in PAO BC. Athens and all of my teams in the last five years, I have performed measurements in 4 different groups of kids between 12-15.

Mr Alan Hunt - United Kingdom - Cycling Competitor
Comments - Very helpful to me - will visit and use this site again.

Mr Tammy Abraham - Cuba - Weight Lifting Competitor
Comments - Your website is amazing - no one can beat me on weights.

Mr Andi Nugroho - Indonesia - Judo Coach
Comments - very helpful to me in training and improving an athlete's fitness.

Mr Subhadeep Ghoshal - India - VolleyBall competitor
Comments - I am a student of Sports Physiology. Pursuing Master degree under University of Calcutta, West Bengal. And your site is so much helpful for me.

Mr Zek Zac - Malaysia - Road Running Competitor
Comments - Very useful information and I value it. Big thanks.

Mr Michele Marseglia - Italy - Road Running Coach & Competitor
Comments - il sito Ã" strutturato benissimo - The site is well structured.